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You can also attach an xref from a tool palette. For more information on tool palettes, see 26.
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i(l) = 10( 1 - e- 1000')II (I) mA
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Value and Psychology
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With a self-running presentation, all of the rules change. Instead of using the slides as teasers or support materials, you must make the slides carry the entire show. All of the information must be right there, because you won t be looking over the audience s shoulders with helpful narration. In general, self-running presentations are presented to individuals or very small groups. For example, you might set up a kiosk in a busy lobby or a booth at a trade show and have a brief but constantly running presentation of perhaps ve slides that explains your product or service. Because there is no dynamic human being keeping the audience s attention, self-running presentations must include attention-getting features. Sounds, video clips, interesting transitions, and prerecorded narratives are all good ways to attract viewers. You must also consider the timing in a self-running presentation. Because there is no way for a viewer to tell the presentation, Okay, I m done reading this slide; bring on the next one, you must carefully plan how long each slide will remain on-screen. This kind of timing requires some practice!
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is defined as follows:
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he reported the theoretical difficulties with planning described above, and was coming to similar conclusions about the inadequacies of the symbolic A model I hmself. Together with h s co-worker Agre, he began to explore alternatives to the AI planning paradigm (Chapman and Agre, 1986). Agre observed that most everyday activity is 'routine' in the sense that it requires little - if any - new abstract reasoning. Most tasks, once learned, can be accomplished in a routine way, with little variation. Agre proposed that an efficient agent architecture could be based on the idea of 'running arguments'. Crudely, the idea is that as most decisions are routine, they can be encoded into a low-level structure (such as a digital circuit), whch only needs periodic updating, perhaps to handle new lunds of problems. His approach was illustrated with the celebrated PENGI system (Agre and Chapman, 1987). PENGI is a simulated cornputer game, with the central character controlled using a scheme such as that outlined above.
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using the mean word frequency, N / V ( N ) ,which is the mean number of tokens per type. Program 4.5 already computes this, and the results are plotted in figure 4.6. Unfortunately, this second plot does not flatten out either. In fact, the rate of increase (or slope) of the plot for N in the range of 3000 to 17,000 is close to constant. Although at the highest values of N the slope of the plot decreases somewhat, it is not clear that it is close to reaching a plateau. This lack of convergence might be due to the small sample size. After all, this text is not even 20,000 words long, and perhaps longer texts behave as we expect. However, section 1.1 of Baayen [6] states that even for text samples on the order of tens of millions of words, the mean word frequency still does not converge to a fixed value. This has practical consequences. Suppose we want to compare The Black Cat and The Unparalleled Adventures of One Hans Pfaall with respect to vocabulary diversity. The stories have different lengths, and it is tempting to believe that this can be taken into
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When opening images from a digital camera, Photoshop gives you the ability to work with Camera Raw files. These are the untouched, pristine files generated by mid-level to high-end digital cameras before the images are run through various in-camera compression and color-correction passes. Think of Camera Raw as the digital equivalent of a film negative. Camera Raw files are proprietary, meaning that cameras manufactured by Canon, Fuji, Minolta, and others produce different types of files. Luckily, Photoshop supports a variety of Camera Raw file formats. When you open a supported Camera Raw file, it appears in a special Camera Raw dialog box, where you can make minute adjustments to colors, brightness levels, and other values in your image with virtually no loss in quality. You can find more information on the Camera Raw dialog box in 18.
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Malting of barley and ensuing mashing and fermentation are exactly analogous to the approaches for beer (see 2). However, of course, no hops
interface has often been file-based, meaning there is a set of file formats that can be seen as standardized file-based interfaces . That is, the target system must write to the file following a certain format, and the subject system must read from it following the same format . Traditional file-based interoperability solutions are often ad-hoc point-topoint solutions, providing for a simple integration process where the participants have to agree only on a file structure . This also implies that, if the subject system must communicate with several other systems, each connection is a point-to-point solution, and so the cost of designing, implementing, testing, and maintaining all the connections is extremely high . Furthermore, using traditional technologies, the interfacing mechanisms based on the standardization of the bridge have proved to be costly to implement, as shown by the limited success of EDI-like solutions, and often have poor performance characteristics . Technology evolution is rapidly making the file-based bridge (Figure 6 .6) approach obsolete with the advent of more powerful and flexible technologies . API-Based In traditional API-based interfaces (see Figure 6 .7) the target system set of interfaces or APIs that can be simply called by any user wanting a service of the target system, often through an adapter or a gateway . converting certain table data to new table data, the user is given a set faces . exposes a to invoke
After you complete your advanced recordset, you can click the Simple button to switch to the simple Recordset dialog box only if the defined recordset references one table that is filtered and ordered by one column using basic operators. In other words, the simple Recordset dialog box has to be able to build the SQL statement. If this is not the case, Dreamweaver alerts you to this and returns you to the advanced Recordset dialog box. To give you a better idea of how the advanced Recordset dialog box is used, look at a step-by-step procedure used to create the SQL query that returns the results of a user-run search. For this example, suppose you want to search the LOCATIONS table of dbadata.mdb (an Access database). The search criteria come from a form element on another page, a text field named searchText; the search criteria are incorporated into the SQL query as a variable named varSearch. The final query reads as follows:
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