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FIGURE 14.31 Using this collection of layers and layer groups, you can punch through to either the gradient layer or the black background layer depending on the knockout option you use.
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Identity Theft Goes Global
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Set the Scattering to 33 percent, the Count to 2, and the Count Jitter to 100 percent, as shown in Figure 16.34. This creates a brush that scatters the grass as you paint the strokes onto the canvas.
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(c) Assume that, at steady-state, Ui is independent of ea,i and Ee,,ieE,i = (Elea(i)12). S, where S M I for small p and S M bob: for larger p. Here bo denotes the first basis vector, bo = col(1, 0, . . . , 0). Conclude that for small E, the filter EMSE can be approximated by any of the following expressions:
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Autonomous Business Concept The definition of a business component emphasizes the "autonomous" representation of an "autonomous" business concept (whether business process or business entity) . This captures an important objective of the business component approach-that is, to reproduce autonomous business concepts as autonomous software artifacts in the information system, without introducing additional dependencies and relationships between components for technical or any other reasons . Avoiding such dependencies is not entirely possible because, for example, the need to interact with a component execution environment (CEE) will require some software dependency between the business component and the CEE, although this may be a dependency that has no correspondence in the real world .' Why do we use the quotes around "autonomous" business concept Well, even in the problem space, business concepts are not completely autonomous . For example, a sales order cannot be initiated if a customer does not place an order. In the real world, a sales order captures information about the customer : Does this mean that the sales order is an autonomous concept Yes, it is a real and independent concept, but it is not isolated because it is in a specific relationship with the customer. The ordering process has certain business constraints, such as the customer's having good credit . Such business constraints can be very complex, and they can lead to complex business relationships among concepts that are at first glance perceived as independent . For example, a change to a customer's address will generate havoc in the real world if a sales order placed by that customer still has the old address . Given the relationships, dependencies, and collaborations between the real entities and real processes in the real world, these same relationships, dependencies, and collaborations are an essential aspect of any information system . For each form of collaboration at the business level, one or more corresponding dependencies will usually exist at the software level . For example, a customer issuing an order for a certain item will imply some form of software-level communication between the customer, the order, and the item . The focus of the whole business component approach, though, is to preserve and enhance the natural autonomy of the business concept. This focus on autonomy is reflected in many ways . For example, because many relationships identified at analysis time turn out to be between language classes within a DC, the nature of the DC itself reduces the web of relationships and hence promotes autonomy . The architecture viewpoints enhance autonomy by properly separating concerns . The development process (described in 7, "The Development Process") is largely centered on autonomy . The business component itself, and its strong concept of black box/white box across the whole development lifecycle, is a powerful way to support autonomy. And in 10, "Project Management Architecture," we address the
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Use a white brush to reveal areas try a brush with a Diameter of 60 pixels and a Hardness of 70 percent and a black brush at the same size to hide elements. A quick way to select a white and black brush is to press D while the layer mask is active to reset the foreground and background colors to white and black, respectively. You can then press X to flip between a white and a black brush. Running the white brush around any hard edges will help to smooth these edges out.
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Retouching and Restoring
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2: Opening a Drawing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29
One more color to go.
At the end of this section on grips, you have the opportunity to try them out in an exercise.
adding elements to an aP element
The chapters in Part III show you how to use the spreadsheet program Microsoft Excel 2010 to organize and calculate data. After getting a preview of the new features in the program, you learn how to enter, format, and calculate information. You also see how to create powerful charts that tell a story about your data and then summarize that data using data bars, sparklines, and conditional formatting.
How Identity Theft Occurs
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