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If you see the correct replacement among the list of suggestions, highlight it and click the Change button. If no suggestion is appropriate, type the correct word into the Change To text field and then click this button.
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For example, an e-mail system can handle a virtually unlimited number of users, as long as they don t try to send e-mail at once. Also, users typically read and respond to e-mail at different times. In contrast, videoconferencing, which is real-time communication, supports a limited number of users because of limitations in the bandwidth of the network and the processing capacity of each user s PC.
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Editing a table s contents
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Start the PUBLISH command by choosing Output tab Plot panel Batch Plot. The Publish dialog box opens, as shown in Figure 28.7. You see the model and layout tabs of the current or all open drawings displayed. FIGURE 28.7
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Auto Fill, 433 calculation of days between dates, 434 calculation of years between dates, 436 437 for date display, 431 432 DATEDIF function, 437 438 day of week calculations, 439 day of year calculations, 438 439 default, 422 definition, 421 dialog boxes, 427 entering functions, 422 424 entry formats, 423 424 flexibility, 424 functions, 430 431 generation of, 432 433 holidays, 440 443 inconsistent entries, 429 for last day of month, 443 leap years, 428, 443 nondate string conversion, 433 434 pre-1900 dates, 428 problems, 427 430 for quarters, 444 regional settings, 423 searches, 424 serial numbers, 421 422 for specific days, 439 440 system support, 422 system-wide settings, 423 for two-digit years, 429 workday calculations, 435 436 worksheets, 340, 424, 430 444 theme placeholders, 620 621 DATEVALUE function, 430 DAY function, 430 DAYS360 function, 430 dBASE files, 256 DDE. See dynamic data exchange decimal hours, 449 450 default global templates, 93 default paragraph formatting, 140 Design Checker, 999 1000 errors, 1000 Design View, 1115 Design window, queries, 1132 1134
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For purposes of drawing, you simply want to make sure that you can distinguish the linetype both when you can see the entire drawing on the screen and when you zoom in close. The main reason to scale linetypes is for plotting. A linetype scale that works for a drawing of a house on-screen may appear continuous when you plot it at a scale factor of 1 = 96. If you want the linetype to appear exactly according to its definition, use the scale factor for the linetype scale. 5 covers scale factors. If the scale factor doesn t give you the results that you want, try a linetype scale of one quarter to one half of the scale factor in the 1 = 96 example, you might use a linetype scale of 24 or 48. To change the linetype scale, choose Home tab Properties panel Linetype Control drop-down list Other (the LINETYPE command) to open the Linetype Manager, as shown in Figure 11.19. Click Show Details if the lower portion of the dialog box is not displayed. FIGURE 11.19
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Contacting the Author
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Figure 7.33 The Add Traces window.
Finding a Home for Your Podcast
170 Step 7: Know Your Team
Free-form Outlines
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