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For beginners, Digicam Help ( offers all sorts of useful basic information on digital cameras and photography, written in an easily digestible, nontechnical language. While it doesn t focus exclusively or even primarily on DSLRs, each entry is short, succinct, and tells you no more than you really need to know to get into that subject. The user forums and blogs can be useful and interesting, and its newsletter is a welcome, regular shot of photo enthusiasm in the arm.
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In most knowledge organizations, the flow of information isn t limited to contributions from the knowledge worker to the corporation but flows from the corporation to the worker as well. Often this flow of information is through informal osmosis picking up information and techniques informally through interacting in meetings and working together on projects. Perhaps more important, is the formal transfer of information, in the form of knowledge worker education, which often represents a significant investment of corporate resources. Because of the size of the investment, it s important for management to have a good idea of he likely return on investment (ROI). One way to estimate likely ROI on Knowledge Worker education is to view each knowledge worker as a value amplifier, converting lowto moderate-value resources into high-value intellectual property, as depicted in Exhibit 3.5. Better knowledge workers offer a higher value multiplier than others; some provide no value gain or even a value loss compared to the invested value. In most case, the value multiplier can be
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The value of this expression is the result of yes-expression if test-expression is true; otherwise, it is the same as no-expression. For example, the following expression assigns to $max_num either $first_num or $second_num, whichever is larger:
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Viewing 3D Drawings
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Before you learn how to change a table s attributes, let s look at basic editing techniques. Editing table text in Dreamweaver is slightly different from editing text outside of tables. When you begin to enter text into a table cell, the table borders expand to accommodate your new data, assuming no width has been set. The other cells appear to shrink; but they, too, expand after you start typing in text or inserting an image. Unless a cell s width is specified, the cell currently being edited expands or contracts, and the other cells are forced to adjust their width. Figure 12-4 shows a table (with one row and three columns) in three different states. In the top table, only the first cell contains text; notice how the other cells have contracted. In the middle table, text has been entered into the second cell as well, and you can see how the first cell is now smaller. Finally, in the bottom table, all three cells contain text, and the other two cells have adjusted their width to compensate for the expanding third cell.
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Configuring Display Hardware for Multi-screen Viewing
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Mac Shortcut Preferences General Hide Photoshop Hide Others Quit Photoshop +K Ctrl+ +H Opt+ +H +Q Windows Shortcut N/A N/A N/A N/A
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Windows Shortcut
To adjust the display in the Layer Properties Manager, you can do the following: n Display or hide the Filters pane by clicking the double-arrow icon at the top of that pane. n Change the width of any column in the Layer Properties Manager by placing the cursor over the line dividing two column headings and dragging. n Double-click the line dividing two columns to minimize/maximize the column width. n Click any column head to sort the layers by that column. Click again to sort in the opposite order. n Right-click any heading and display a shortcut menu where you can choose which columns you want to see. n Drag any column to any location to specify the order of the columns. n Right-click any heading and choose Freeze or Unfreeze Column (depending on the current status). Freezing a column forces it to the left of a gray, vertical line and holds it visible, even if you scroll to the right. n Resize the entire dialog box by dragging on any side.
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More traditional ads, inserted into a program and recognizably different from the show itself, will also play a part in the ad model for podcasting. Instead of being interruptive, they may be concentrated at the beginning or end of a show, and based on feedback that podcasters have received from audience and advertiser alike, the message should in some way fit with the subject of the podcast. As media break down into more narrowly defined markets, this will be more easily achieved, because a podcast about cars is a natural place to advertise automobiles. By contrast, advertising a car in the middle of a television show about survivors of an airliner crash living on a tropical island populated by polar bears and mysterious Others seems quite out of place. This is why ads have pressed the edge of creativity; they need to find a way to stand out in opposition to shows. Advertising in podcasting is much more likely to have some context that relates it to the subject of the show. Ultimately, following the trend established by the Web, advertising probably will succeed or fail on the ability to measure actual audience engagement with the show and the ads in it. Only 15 years ago, most advertising existed in a feedback void. Advertisers had no idea whether a message was really seen and, more importantly, whether anyone responded or why. With the interactivity of the
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that relies on an accepted JavaScript framework for its functionality. Drop a Web widget like the YUI Calendar on your page and you not only get a working utility, but the necessary external JavaScript files are automatically attached to your source code. As of this writing, more than 30 Web widgets are available and more are on the way. To facilitate the creation of Web widgets, Adobe has created the Web Widget Packager, now released through the Adobe Labs site and directly accessible from within Dreamweaver. With the Web Widget Packager, framework-developed functionality has been made accessible to colleagues and a much broader audience. Even better, the newly released Widget Browser an extension to Dreamweaver allows you to configure widgets from other frameworks, specifying parameter values for styles and other properties, without coding. Once you ve customized your Web widget, the Widget Browser inserts the code directly into your current page, complete with links to all necessary libraries and related files. This chapter covers the implication of the JavaScript evolution in Dreamweaver from start to finish. Here, you learn how to take the most advantage of core JavaScript coding capabilities when working with frameworks in Dreamweaver. You also learn how to get, install, and integrate Web widgets into your sites. Finally, this chapter covers the development and packaging of Web widgets so you too can play your part in spreading the JavaScript revolution.
No, I didn t leave out MPEG-3.This standard name was not used to avoid confusion with MPEG-1 Layer 3, which is commonly referred to as MPEG-3.
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