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What assists the suite in operating as a cohesive unit is the synchronization of color settings. Through the Bridge, you can make sure that Photoshop holds up its end of the bargain, working with the dialog box shown in Figure 3.30. To display and work with this dialog box, choose Edit Creative Suite Color Settings. You can play around with 13 different settings from Monitor Color, which works with most video settings, to settings for North America, Europe, and Japan. There are prepress, general-purpose, and Web settings for each region, and default settings for prepress and Web graphics, too.
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PowerPoint comes with so many themes and templates that you re sure to nd one that is appropriate for your situation. A theme is a set of design settings: background, fonts, colors, and graphic effects. PowerPoint 2010 has many built-in themes that are available in every presentation, and you can also create your own themes and use themes that others have created and stored in theme les. A template is a full- edged PowerPoint le that has been designated as a sample from which you can create new presentations. It contains everything that a presentation requires, including sample slides. A template can also contain multiple themes that are piggybacked onto slide masters within the template. When you start a new presentation, you do so from a template, and you inherit any themes and sample slides in that template, in addition to having the built-in themes available.
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Table AB-3 Edit Menu Shortcut Keys
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0 Choose Image Adjustments Curves to call up the Curves dialog box.
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unset(), we had the following statement: $my_array[1] = ;
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The table columns collapse to just the widths needed.
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Over the years, several video display standards have been used. Here are a few of the more popular ones:
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Managing annotations
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In other words,
Doing so brings up a Transform frame around your shape.
Another difference between the two filters is that Spherize provides the additional options of enabling you to wrap an image on the inside or outside of a horizontal or vertical cylinder, as shown in the last sample in Figure 11.16, where Vertical Only was used. To try out these effects, select the Horizontal Only or Vertical Only options from the Mode pop-up menu at the bottom of the Spherize dialog box.
Tab, right-arrow ( ) or down-arrow ( ) key, or Enter Shift+Tab, left-arrow ( ), or up-arrow ( ) Home or Ctrl+Home End or Ctrl+End Page Down or Next Record Page Up or Previous Record
the identity
BGP routers connect to one another in any manner. There can be more than one BGP router in an autonomous system. BGP routers within an autonomous system can communicate with one another.
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IMO-006 Invoice Manager IMO-011 Invoice Manager
Printer Figure A-2: A router-based Ethernet LAN in which the router itself provides multiple Ethernet jacks for direct connection to desktops, laptops, and other Ethernet-ready devices.
An audio clip can be set to play on click, after the previous animation event, or simultaneously with the previous animation event.
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