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Computer with Printer Sharing
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temperature, choose from a variety of presets (such as daylight, tungsten, fluorescent, and so on), use an eyedropper to establish a neutral grey point, or even create a grey average by clicking on several points within the photo. (The CC index is the Color Compensate scale that applies photo filter type color adjustments.) (C) As we mentioned in the Color Model sidebar earlier in this chapter, RAW utilities offer a choice of what color space (or color model) you use to define the colors in your photo. See 11 for more information about color models. (D) Adjusting the sharpness of your photo a little can do wonders, but not even a great RAW utility can compensate for an out-of-focus picture. (E) Linear sliders like these for contrast and color balance are good beginning points for editing, as preparation for more precise adjustment using other controls. (F) But the heart of all RAW utilities are these kinds of exposure and color controls, which include exposure compensation, and tone curves and histograms (for editing the relationship of highlights, shadows, and midtones), including controls for adjusting the exposure of the individual red, green, and blue color channels. Like white balance, it doesn t really matter what exposure settings you use when you shoot, since you can change them in a RAW utility. However, keep in mind that your choice of f-stop will affect depth-of-field, and the speed of the shutter will determine stop action. (For information on how to use histograms and exposure compensation, see 5. For information on tone curves, see 10. (G) As you can see, from the Detailed Information (taken from the metadata embedded in the file), this photo was taken with a Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D. The metadata also provide all kinds of shooting information regarding the original exposure and color settings, time and date the photo was taken, lens used, and so on. (Screen capture of DiMage Master interface courtesy of Konica Minolta)
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moment) and second moment E[S2]. Again we use the notation E[N] for the average number of jobs in the queueing system, E[N,] for the average number of customers in the queue, and E[N,] for the average number law for the server alone we have: p = E[N,] = The derivation of E[N,] is somewhat more Proofs will be of customers in the server. Applying Little s XE[S] and we assume p < 1 for stability. complicated.
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One of most important and useful advantages that digital cameras, including DSLRs, give photographers is the ability to instantly review just-shot pictures on an LCD screen. While the LCD screen built into almost every camera is great for quick reviews, it s usually too small and not bright or detailed enough to provide the accurate visual feedback needed to properly view and evaluate your pictures. Of course, you can transfer the image to your laptop, but schlepping around a large, heavy portable may not always be convenient, especially if all you want is a quick view and fast save. That s why you may want a portable viewer, preferably one with a built-in hard drive for instant backup. (See Figure 3-5.)
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If exact space is an issue, you can count on the Feather command affecting about 2.7 times as many pixels as you type in the Feather Radius option box, both in and out from the selection. That s a total of 5.4 times as many pixels as the radius in all.
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By identifying the source file for the current SWF file, you make it possible to invoke the Dreamweaver/ Flash round-trip feature. 2. In the Property inspector, click Edit. If Flash is not open, it launches and displays surface_movie.fla. If Flash is already open, the source file is loaded. 3. In Flash, select the FLVPlayback component and in the Property inspector switch to the Parameters tab. Change the skinBackgroundAlpha value to .5 and the skinBackgroundColor to a medium gray, #999999. When you re done, click Done (Figure 8-20).
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Performance of Computer Communication Systems: A Model-Based Approach. Boudewijn R. Haverkort Copyright 1998 John Wiley & Sons Ltd ISBNs: 0-471-97228-2 (Hardback); 0-470-84192-3 (Electronic)
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The Fill dialog box reappears.
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5. Add a JavaScript. To automate our process for adding text fields to all pages, we ll use a JavaScript. If you don t use a JavaScript, you ll have to copy and paste a text field and rename each pasted field with a unique field name. Using the Duplicate Fields command won t work because the fields retain all the same names when you use this command. The only way to automate the procedure is to use a JavaScript and let the script provide unique names for all duplicated fields.
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Making Advertising Work
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(b) 2nd frame burst
Sometimes, either by accident, temporary need, or whatever, a Word document becomes associated with a data le, and you want to restore a document to normal non mail-merge status. To restore a Word document to normal, in the Start Mail Merge group of the Mailings tab, choose Start Mail Merge Normal Word Document. Note that when you restore a document to Normal status, several tools on the Mailings tab that were formerly available are now grayed out as unavailable. If you later decide that you need to again make the document into a data document, you will need to reestablish the data connection.
Step 3. Use KYL to fo rmulate the remaining N - NI linearly independent equati ons. Treat dependent vo ltage sources like independent voltage sources when formulating the KVL equations. For each dependent vo ltage source. express the
Recall cell
Painting with editing tools
Figure 4.5 Plot of the number of types versus the number of tokens for The Unparalleled Adventures of One Hans Pfaall. Data is from program 4.5. Figure adapted from figure 1.1 of Baayen [6] with kind permission from Springer Science and Business Media and the author.
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lower interest rates
with +1 instead of -1. The effect of this permutation will be the same; we choose (34.3) with a minus sign so that (34.3) can be regarded as the limit of the Givens rotation (34.2) when p + 00. In summary, we have the following result.
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5: Learning to Use the Photoshop Workspace
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