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The Sharpen command examines the edges found within a graphic and programmatically increases the contrast of the related pixels. Flat areas of color are left unaffected. The Sharpen dialog (see Figure 8-8) offers a sliding scale from 0 to 10 where 10 represents the maximum amount of sharpening available in one operation. As with the Brightness/Contrast dialog, you can select the preview option.
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Part II: Using Graphics and Multimedia Content
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Understanding 3D drawings Working with 3D coordinates Using point filters, object snaps, and grips in 3D Using elevation and thickness Creating a custom UCS for 3D drawings
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Here we are assuming that transmissions start at time 0 so that s(--1) = 0. If we introduce the 2 x 2 matrix
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Company-wide Anti-Fraud Controls
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You can also make a sprite invisible at a keyframe by deselecting the Visible checkbox in the Basic tab of the Inspector palette. 3. If you wish to switch graphic images, select the image from the Image pop-up menu in the Basic tab of the Inspector palette. 4. To create a new keyframe, press Option (Windows users press Alt), and then click and drag the keyframe in the Timeline track to the right and release the mouse. After creating a keyframe, you can change images or image positions. 5. If you wish to create interactivity or a rollover effect, click in the Over swatch (for a rollover), or in the Click Inside or Click Outside boxes in the Basic tab of the Inspector palette. Then choose the image that you wish to switch to when the mouse rolls over or clicks inside or outside of the image. A click inside effect is shown in Figure 17-15.
16. Click anywhere outside the In-Place Text Editor area to end the MTEXT command. 17. Zoom to the Previous display to return to your original view. Save your drawing.
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10 Advanced Editing Techniques
FIGURE 11-10
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