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UNPROTECTED MEDICAL FILES In 1994, in Pasadena, California, the 24-year-old son of a psychiatrist stole personal information from the unprotected medical records in his father s medical office. The son occasionally worked in the father s office and had access to all patient records. When his father was away, the fraudster went through about 60 patient files and took names, SSNs, dates of birth, addresses, and other identifying information. He used this information to
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The Image Size dialog box appears, displaying information about the image s dimensions and linear resolution. The linear resolution for the image I chose is 200 ppi and the dimensions are approximately 4 x5.3 . Given that information, I m going to create a somewhat larger blank canvas at the same (200ppi) resolution.
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One of the best ways to test the performance and security of your Internet connections is through Web-based services designed for this purpose. Following are several of the most popular and useful test sites. Check with your Internet service provider too; many offer their own network connection testing services. Appendix C offers a list of some other useful sites.
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Lemma 30.1 (Estimationerrors) Consider the same setting of Alg. 30.1. At each iteration i, the a prior; and a posteriori estimation errors defined by
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Technical Specifications
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text entries, 328 331 features, 331 keyboard shortcuts, 330 time values, 331 332, 448, 452 view controls, 356 366 cell monitoring, 361 363 columns, 362 366 copying, 358 freezing panes, 359 361 maximization, 357 in multiple windows, 356 358 rows, 362 366 Side-by-Side feature, 359 splitting into panes, 359 360 zoom percentages, 356 357 windows, 347 351 closing of, 350 351 manipulation procedures, 350 maximization, 348 349 minimization, 349 moving of, 349 multiple, 347 348 resizing, 349 restoral, 349 switching among, 349 350 tab controls, 351 workbooks, 311 316 range names, 383 385 saving, 324 325 exponentiation operators, 393 eXtensible Markup Language (XML) Word 2010 file formats, 52 53, 101 .docx, 105 107
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Incremental improvement
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Some e-mail servers have limits on the le sizes they will accept, so keeping the PowerPoint le as small as possible when distributing via e-mail is a good idea. If you send someone an e-mail with a large le attached to it, the server may reject the message, but you might not get an error message back from the server at all, or you might not get one for several days.
1. Create the background.
Figure 4-19
Quick Compose and Send
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Command Techniques
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Part VI
If you work in an organization where many users have different versions of Acrobat viewers, then keeping a complete installation of Acrobat 5.05 installed on a separate computer on your network is to your advantage. If you inadvertently overwrite index files or need to perform some task specifically related to Acrobat versions less than 6.0, you can use the older version to keep compatibility with other users. In addition, you can test many new files you edit in version 6.0 or higher to ensure they work with viewer versions less than 6.0. Ideally, all your colleagues, coworkers, and clients should upgrade to Acrobat 8.0. However, in a real world, we know some users are reluctant to let go of the familiar and convincing all users that upgrading Acrobat is the best solution may take some time.
Fireworks to Dreamweaver
5 In the Feather dialog box, set the Feather to 2 pixels.
following the events of 9/11. The first part of the study, conducted nine days after the attacks, gathered baseline data on a representative sample of 1,786 people concerning their feelings about the attacks and their levels of anxiety, stress, and desire for vengence. The second part, conducted two months later, randomized 973 people from the original sample into a condition that primed fear and anger. People in the anger condition, for instance, elaborated on their feelings of anger following the attacks and viewed photos and listened to audio clips designed to provoke anger. Participants primed for anger gave more optimistic and, as it turns out, realistic risk assessments on twentyfive possible terrorist-related risks than those primed for fear. Anger is probably bene cial in this sort of context because it increases one s sense of control. Your anger may signal that you are not addressing an important emotional issue in your life or in a relationship. It may be a message that your wants or needs are not being met, or it may warn you that you are giving too much or compromising too much of your values or beliefs in a relationship.
Mapping and Adjusting Colors
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