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All of the end user s computers in the network are considered workstations. Most workstations contain a network interface card (NIC), software for networking, and cables. Some workstations have local storage, but often files are stored on a server and are not accessed or stored locally. Virtually any computer can be considered a workstation.
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The following formula returns the number of blank (empty) cells in a range named Data:
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Fixing highlights
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When building a routing table, a router determines the best path based on several variables. Some of the variables are the shortest path to a destination, if a link is down, if there is congestion on the network, and so on. Additionally, a primary path can be configured by a system administrator by assigning metrics to define the best path to take. Layer 2 switched networks are limited to growth because of size and node numbering limitations. Routing provides for growth in LANs because it can be used to join subnets within an autonomous system. For Internet data communications, routing is a requirement for allowing multiple autonomous systems to be able to communicate with one another while maintaining the integrity of each individual autonomous system.
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An enterprise Java bean client wants to invoke the methods of multiple EJBs within the context of one use case, and doesn t require an immediate response from the server. How can an EJB client invoke the methods of multiple session or entity beans within one transaction, without the need to block and wait for responses from each bean
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Creating shortcuts to Windows programs
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With the release of Photoshop CS3, there were a few changes to the way you link and unlink layers. Of course, there s no big change in your overall capabilities in terms of layer linking and unlinking, but the procedure for linking layers (and then unlinking them later) has changed a bit for those of you whose most recent Photoshop experience was CS or version 7. First, there is no longer any link check box or chain icon next to each layer. In Photoshop CS and its layer-supporting predecessors, in addition to the box where the eyeballs live, there was another column of boxes, which when clicked, would display a chain icon. This meant that the selected layers (you had to select them before clicking in the box) were linked. You could then unlink layers by clicking the chain icon and breaking the link.
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Table 2.6 ITU-T s draft recommendation for delay classes for Internet services U = unspecified QoS Classes Network Nature of Class 0 Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class 5 performance network unparameter performance speci ed objective IPTD Upper bound 100 ms 400 ms 100 ms 400 ms 1 s U on the mean IPTD (Note 1)
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Sally created Moondoggie from several photos, using Photoshop s layers. Before combining them, she edited their exposure, tone, and color to make them similar enough to fit in a single image.
Data Accuracy
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[ Configure the Drop Shadow options as shown here, with Opacity at 50%, Distance at 10px, Spread at 15%, and Size at 14 px.
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that is earned on bank accounts and CDs or on money funds that invest in CDs is not exempt. Advantage 6: Truly free checking. One way or another, nearly all banks charge you for your checking privileges. They may charge you a fee for each check you issue. They may charge you a flat monthly service fee. Or they may charge you a combination of both. Most Treasury-only money funds do not charge you any extra fee for checkwriting privileges. You can write as many checks as you want, as often as you want. Advantage 7: Immediate liquidity. There are several ways you can withdraw your money from your Treasuryonly money fund: You can write a check against the balance in your account to yourself or to another payee. You can call or send a fax to your money fund s shareholder service department, giving it instructions to issue a wire transfer. (Before the fund can accept your wire instructions, however, you will have to file a signed authorization ahead of time. This can be done when you open your account.) You can request that a check be sent to you directly from the fund. You can also authorize telephone instructions for redemption by check when you open your account. No other kind of account (e.g., one with a bank, an S&L, a credit union, a broker, or an insurer) can give you this level of immediate access. For a step-by-step guide on how best to take advantage of your Treasury-only money fund and even how to use it for low-cost do-it-yourself checking, refer to The Ultimate Safe Money Guide (Wiley).
FIGURE 5.23 Our subject gets his iris brightened (middle) and a twinkle added (right) using the Fade setting.
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