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1. Make sure you have the Pointer tool selected. In the Pages panel, drag Page 1 to the New/Duplicate Page icon. When Page 2 is created, select it. This technique creates an exact duplicate of a page, including the Master Page layer. There are four elements you can easily change for this new page: the navigation tabs, the two images, and the display text. For this example, you can adjust the tabs first. 2. Select the gray tab behind the text Solo. Note the X value in the Property inspector (in my design, it s 402) and choose Edit u Cut. Select the white tab, note its X value (in mine, 282) and change the current X value to that of the Solo tab. Next choose Edit u Paste and change the X value of gray tab to that of the white tab (Figure 5-24).
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Dynamic List/Menu
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it works. Fill the drop-down lists or interactive portions with the actual lists used in the final. Walk through use of the dummy dashboard. 12. Build the dashboard. Use an Excel architecture to separate the chart and user controls from analytics from data. This is described further in 29, Publishing Balanced Scorecards and Operational Dashboards. 13. Release a Beta version to a few users. Clearly label it as a Beta version, and get their feedback. 14. Make corrections to the dashboard, and release it.
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Recognize the potential of disruptive information tech-
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whereas the other is called the gain vector and is defined by (30.15)
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Fraud and corruption control resources
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Setting Up Information Rights Management
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Regardless of the job whether it s hanging a picture or fixing a faucet work goes faster when your tools are at your fingertips. The same principle holds true for Web site building: The easier it is to accomplish the most frequently required tasks, the more productive you ll be as a Web designer. Dreamweaver puts a number of repetitive tasks, such as previewing your page in a browser, just a function key away. However, there are far more necessary operations than there are function keys. In an effort to put needed functionality right up front, Dreamweaver incorporates four toolbars Standard, Document, Browser Navigation and Style Rendering located across the top of the Document window. One other toolbar is available only when you are in Live Data view and another when you re in Code or Split view. In addition, Dreamweaver has two other bars built into the interface that provide essential functionality: the Application and Related Files bar.
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T herefore, under thi s condit ion the network in Fig. 6. 17b is equivalen t to th at in Fig. 6. 17a.
where the transformed variables {Qi,zi, C } are related t o the original variC, ables {ibi,ui, C'} via (22.31) and (22.34), so that E IlQiIIk= E Il.ii)illi. C,
Borders and Shading dialog
Hermite basis functions associated with normal derivatives at edge midpoints The design of the remaining set of basis functions, representing the normal derivatives at the midpoints of mesh edges, involves the orientation issue analogous to the one encountered in the design of higher-order Lagrange edge functions in Paragraph 4.3.6. This time a unique unit normal vector u,, needs to be assigned to every edge s,, in the mesh ;).!,. This is equivalent to assigning a unique global orientation to mesh edges (see Paragraph 4.3.6). Consider the edge element patch (4.49),
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