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Ultimately, the digital size of an image is simply the number of pixels that are contained, and the dimension is simply the number of pixels wide by the number of pixels high. However, when you are outputting the image, size becomes tied directly to the resolution capability of the output device. For example, when you are viewing an image on a computer screen, the output dimensions of the image in inches is the number of pixels high/72dpi x the number of pixels wide/72dpi. However, when you are printing the image to a 1200dpi printer, the document s output dimensions are the number of pixels high/1200dpi x the number of pixels wide/1200dpi, which is a much smaller image. Therefore, you need to know the intended output resolution and the desired dimensions on that medium to determine the output resolution and size to set in the image. Otherwise, you may end up with an image that is too large to view on a Web page or a printed image without enough resolution.
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When you re working with thumbnails (small versions of images) on your Web page, you may need a quick way to distinguish one from another. The border attribute enables you to place a one-color rectangular border around any graphic. To turn on the border, enter the desired width of the border, measured in pixels, in the Border text box located on the lower half of the Image Property inspector. Entering a value of 0 explicitly turns off the border.
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Panels & Documents: This defines the behavior of panels and document windows using the following options:
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In all the fun of using the Clone Source palette, don t forget to use the options bar. The options bar allows you to change the brush settings, change the Blend mode, choose the layers to sample, and ignore the fill or adjustment layers placed over the source; it also includes a very unassuming Aligned option, which, deselected, can make cloning video layers much easier (see Figure 16.21).
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Portrait (left) and Landscape (right) handout orientation.
n Sampling multiple pixels: Normally, the Eyedropper tool selects the color from the single pixel you click, because it s set to Point Sample by default. If you prefer to average the colors of several neighboring pixels, however, select any of the other choices from the Sample Size drop list on the options bar. You can pick 3 by 3, 5 by 5, 11 by 11, 31 by 31, 51 by 51 or 101 by 101 Average, or right-click (Control-click on the Mac) with the Eyedropper to display a pop-up menu of sampling options near the cursor. In this case, you get one additional option, Copy Color as HTML, which works just as it does when you select it from the Color palette pop-up menu. Photoshop determines the hexadecimal code for the color and sends the code to the Clipboard so that you can use Edit Paste to dump the code into an HTML file. Obviously, the larger the Sample Size that you choose, the wider the variety of pixels that is considered part of the sample. Unless that entire field of pixels, say in an 11 by 11 sample, is made up of identically colored pixels, the Eyedropper is going to give you a color that s a combination of the colors found within that sample area thus the term Average, for the sample size you chose.
The hard disk used in virtually all PCs is derived from mainframe fixed disks of the 1960s/1970s and the early Winchester drives, which were introduced in the 1980s and provided a prototype for today s hard disks. The technology used to record data on a hard disk has remained essentially the same as that used on the early drives, although the size of the drive is quite smaller, its speeds are much faster, and the capacity is very much larger.
This new tool in CS3 allows for a very good selection in areas of low contrast, which is perfect for this image. All you have to do is hold down the mouse button and run the brush around the inside edge of the object you want to select in the document window. The best approach is to make the selection in stages, rather than just circling the object in one go. It can take some trial and error to get the selection right, and you might find that the tool selects areas you didn t want it to. To fix this, hold down Alt (Option on the Mac) to temporarily switch to the Subtract From Selection mode, and brush over a selected area. You can see this process in Figure 9.22.
Note that a number of combinations of R] and R2 satisfy the power constraint for thi s circuit. The power absorbed decreases as R, and R, increase. Let 's select R, = 1800 n and R, = 1300 n , because this combination yields an output voltage of 5.032 V that I S closest to-the desired va lue of 5 V. The resultin g error in the output voltage can be determined from
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