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In practice, due to the skew-symmetry of the term f (y(k))yT (k) y(k)f T (y(k)), decorrelation (or whitening) processing can be performed simultaneously together with separation. By taking this into account, the algorithm becomes the EASI algorithm proposed Cardoso and Laheld [155] W(k) = (k) I y(k)yT (k) f (y(k))yT (k) + y(k)f T (y(k)) W(k). (6.44)
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This means that the conversion factor, which converts the RLS a priori error e ( i ) to the RLS a posteriori error r ( i ) ,and which we have denoted by y ( i ) in Alg. 30.2, is equal to re-'(i) (the inverse of the innovations variance). Table 31.2 summarizes the correspondences between the Kalman variables and the RLS variables. This table is useful for the following purpose. By writing down any of the available algorithmic variants for Kalman filtering for model (3 1.8) (e.g., cf. Apps. 35.A and 37.A), and by using the correspondences from Table 3 1.2, we can obtain the corresponding RLS variant. Actually, this point of view
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Project VIII.l (Performance of array lmpiementatlons in finite precision) The purpose of this project is to compare the performance of RLS and one of its array variants in finite-precision. Refer to the channel estimation application shown in Fig. VIII.1.
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Y (s) = -;-:,- ' - --'--:-
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When you double-click an existing recurring appointment for editing, you can click Open This Occurrence or Open the Series and then click OK to indicate whether to edit one or all of the appointments. You can then click the Recurrence button to open the Appointment Recurrence dialog box to modify the recurrence pattern. You can also remove the recurrence by clicking the Remove Recurrent button in this dialog box. Outlook removes all instances of the appointment from the Calendar except the next one. Note that changing the schedule for a single occurrence unlinks it from the overall recurring appointment. If you try to delete a recurring appointment, Outlook gives you the option of deleting all occurrences of the appointment or just the current one.
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USTA United States Telephone Association
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Preparing files for Run Form Field Recognition
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Time (ms)
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Custom Effects
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Applying and Managing Server Behaviors
7 Creating Transitions
Controlling Charts with Menus
n Clear Security. Select any one or all of the watched folders in the list and click Clear Security. The Security is removed from the folders. n Edit Settings. The Edit Settings button becomes active when you select a watched folder name in the watched folders list. With a folder name selected in the list, click the Edit Settings button to open the Adobe PDF Settings dialog box. You can apply different settings to different watched folders. If, for example, you print PostScript files to disk and have them distilled for high-end output and Web page design, you will want compression and color modes distinctive for the output sources. You can set up two watched folders and have the same PostScript file distilled with the different settings. Editing settings here overrides Distiller s defaults and applies new options to the specific watched folder where the attributes are established. n Load Settings. All the settings contained in the Settings folder are available for loading and applying to watched folders listed in the window. Click Load Settings to open the Settings folder. n Clear Settings. This option removes any settings applied to a watched folder. If you leave the watched folder listed with no specific settings assigned to the watched folder, the current default Adobe PDF Settings are used.
You can position a Camera picture without regard to rows or columns. Change the size of the Camera pictures by dragging the corners. This enables you to create miniature detail boxes alongside data in a report, as you might see in a magazine layout.
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Part I
I hope this chapter and all the other exercises and information in this book have given you a better sense of the how to use the Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web tools together in a more efficient and smarter workflow. I think you ll find, as I have, the more you work with the various programs, the faster your overall productivity becomes. You ll find more tips on how to use some of the other programs in the Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web bundle in Appendix A.
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