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Building Maps, Scorecards and Dashboards
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Command:CIRCLE Specify center point for circle or [3P/2P/Ttr (tan tan radius)] :CENter of (pick 5) Specify Radius of Circle or [Diameter] :3
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You can apply one video effect or multiple video effects to either a still image or to a video clip. You can easily apply effects to clips by dragging them from the Video Effects palette to the Timeline. Here s how to apply a video effect to a clip in the Timeline: 1. Chose File New Project to create a new project.
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Lagrange-Gauss-Lobatto Qp3r-elements
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To get a count of the total number of cells in a range (empty and non-empty cells), use the following formula. This formula returns the number of cells in a range named Data. It simply multiplies the number of rows (returned by the ROWS function) by the number of columns (returned by the COLUMNS function).
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FIGURE 2.30 Dragging through eye icons to show or hide multiple layers
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The Autologon option is a really, really bad idea from the standpoint of system security. However, it is convenient if you don t have those security concerns.
Hence, three capacitors of thi s value connected in wye at the load will yield a total power faclOr of 0.92 lagging.
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Puncturing Multiplexing
Perceptual: Gives priority to colors for which the human eye has greater sensitivity. This option is often the best choice to use because most Web images are intended for viewing only. Adaptive: Creates a palette from the colors that appear most commonly in the image. This option typically keeps the most detail in the image because there is a wider range of pixels in that area to support detail. Selective: Similar to the perceptual option, but it favors broad areas of color while preserving the Web colors. This option usually produces images with the highest color integrity, if not the best perceptual integrity. Restrictive: Uses a standard 216-color color table common to both Windows and Mac OS, ensuring that no browser dither is applied to colors when the image is displayed using 8-bit color. Because this option creates larger files, you should use it only if browser dithering is of high priority. Custom: Allows you to create your own custom color palette used in converting the image. The color palette is customized in the Color Table pane in the Save for Web & Devices utility. Black-White: Uses only black and white colors in the output image. Grayscale: Uses a grayscale color palette to convert the image to grayscale. Mac OS: Uses the Mac OS color palette to convert the image. This option should be used only for images that will be viewed from Mac OS browsers. Windows: Uses the Windows color palette to convert the image. This option should be used only for images that will be viewed from Windows browsers.
Figure 4.10 shows the last three objects extended to where the intersection with the vertical line might be. Explore the other options of TRIM and EXTEND in the Help files.
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