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Appendix : What s on the CD-ROM
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When you create a Web site, you always need to incorporate certain features, including a standard set of link buttons along the top, a consistent banner on various pages, and a copyright notice along the bottom. Adding these items to a page with the Library items can be as easy as dragging and dropping them. You must first create a Web site and then designate Library items (as explained in the preceding section). After these items exist, you can add the items to any page created within your site. To add Library items to a document, follow these steps:
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Figure 3-26: A typical wizard panel
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Ethernet switches are relatively inexpensive, so it often pays to buy a larger switch than you need. Having a few extra ports will cost you a few extra dollars but may save you from having to replace the switch with a larger one as your network grows. Despite the tremendous advances in the price and performance of wireless networks, Ethernet is still my first choice for home networks.
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You can manually advance the slides forward or backward while the slideshow is running using the right and left arrows on your keyboard. Press the Esc key to cancel the slideshow.
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Creating gradient fills
Figure 8.6 A 256 256 image reconstructed using linear least-squares and truncated SVD: (a) original; (b) least-squares reconstruction MSE 51.4; (c) truncated SVD MSE 4.18e2003.
Cloud Provider
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