Part III: Making the Numbers Work with Excel in .NET

Generate UPC Symbol in .NET Part III: Making the Numbers Work with Excel

Add layer mask Create new group Create a new fill or adjustment layer
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Part VI
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The first selection we want to make is that of the rock the boys are standing on. Notice from Figure 11.14 that the red channel provides the best contrast between the rock and the rest of the image.
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You ve successfully used a mask to give your guitar a nice soft edge and reveal the record deck beneath, but it could still do with a little something to merge the two together and bring depth to the image. It d be great if the record deck could show through the guitar slightly. You could simply reduce the opacity of the guitar layer, but it doesn t really have the desired effect in this case. Instead, use blending modes to bring a real sense of the layers merging. Which
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FIGURE 5.19 Bridge features a power search function in the Find Command. The Find dialog box can be customized to do all sorts of searches by clicking the pull-down menus under Criteria.
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Move the cursor over the text selection icon and a pop-up menu opens, as shown in Figure 13.13. The menu does not open with a right-click (Windows) or Ctrl+click (Macintosh). If you open a context menu using right-click (or Ctrl+click on Macintosh), you see similar menu options as shown in Figure 13.14. The options shown in both menus provide choices for marking text with a Highlight, Cross Out, Underline, Replace, and adding a note. These items are used for commenting on PDF files. Additionally, adding a Bookmark and creating a link appear in the context menu. The remaining options in both menus are used for copying and exporting text.
Now that we ve described what a DSLR is, the obvious question that comes to mind for anyone considering investing anywhere from $500 to tens of thousands in a DSLR camera or system is Why would I want a DSLR over other, less expensive types of digital cameras Right off the bat, here s a short list of unassailable advantages that DSLRs enjoy: Higher-quality images Faster operating speed Interchangeable lenses More accurate viewing and framing Better construction Greater versatility More creative control Longer battery life We ve already discussed the advantages and benefits of interchangeable lenses and more accurate viewing and framing, now we ll briefly touch upon the other points that give DSLRs inherent superiority over consumer and prosumer digital cameras.
If you ve been experimenting with Quick Style Sets but now want to revert either to the document s own styles or to those of the underlying template, you probably can (if you made a backup copy of the document and/or template, as suggested earlier, then there s no probably about it). Using the built-in Reset method, for you to be able to revert to the document s own original styles, the document must not have been saved and closed. Even when the document has been saved, you often can revert to the document s original styles as of when the document was opened by pressing Ctrl+Z repeatedly until it stops doing anything. However, if you have done a lot of editing, you sometimes cannot Undo all the way back to the beginning of the editing session. Assuming that you have not yet saved the document, to revert to the document styles that were in effect at the beginning of the current editing session, choose Change Styles Style Set in the Styles group of the Home tab. Click Reset Document Quick Styles, highlighted in Figure 7-10.
If the fields you want to select are located next to each other or you want to select many fields, use the Select Object tool and drag a marquee through the fields to be selected. When you release the mouse button, the fields inside the marquee and any fields intersected by the marquee are selected. The marquee does not need to completely surround fields for selection just include a part of the field box within the marquee.
E7.7 A parallel RLC circuit has the following circuit parameters: R = I n, L = 2 H, and C = 2 F. Compute the damping ratio and the und amped natural frequency of this network. E7.8 A series RLC circuit consists of R = 2 n, L = I H, and a capacitor. Determine the type of response exhibited by the network if (a) C = 1/ 2 F, (b) C = I F, and (c) C = 2 F.
Doing so creates a new Foreground layer, which is duly added to the Layers palette.
If you don t know the dimensions of your QuickTime movie, open it in the QuickTime player, choose Movie Get Movie properties, and select size from the options list on the right of the dialog box that appears. n
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