Part II: Creating Documents with Word in .NET

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Make sure you use the right dictionary for the spell checker. To do this, display the Character palette (Window Character) and pick a language from the pop-up menu at the bottom of the palette.
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13: Working with Photographic Images
tion as a single team and is aimed at removing that sense of isolation. The concept of Six Sigma began at Motorola in the 1980s. An engineer named Mikel Harry began analyzing variation in outcomes in the company s internal procedures, and realized that by measuring variation it would be possible to improve working systems. However, whereas other quality systems were designed at only measuring performance, the Six Sigma approach that grew from Harry s original ideas was different. The procedures were aimed at taking action to change procedures so that overall performance could be improved permanently and at every level within the company. Within a few years, the same idea had taken root at General Electric and AlliedSignal. GE decided in 1995 to implement Six Sigma throughout the entire organization. CEO Jack Welch led the company through this implementation, and many divisions of GE experienced impressive improvements in quality during those years. Estimates are that cost savings from Six Sigma application exceeded $320 million within the rst two years, and more than $1 billion by 1999.1
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fter a secret closed-door meeting of the plunge protection team including the president, the secretary of the Treasury, the Federal Reserve chairman, and the chairman of the SEC three former or current Wall Street executives were invited to join: The CEO of HarrisJones, the CEO of MetroBank, and Paul E. Johnston, chairman of the CECAR. The Secretary of the Treasury was presiding. Treasury Secretary: Gentlemen, we have come to a major crossroads. The stock market is plunging, and every single effort we have made to rally the economy is failing. We put through the tax cut, and that didn t do much good. The Federal Reserve slashed short-term interest rates to practically zero, and that, too, is failing. Ironically, our economists have continued to tell us, all along, that most of the fundamentals point to a strong recovery. We have the lowest inflation and the lowest interest rates in decades. We have pumped more liquidity into the banking system than at any time in the last 30 years. But despite sharp rallies, the stock market continues to falter anyhow. The stock market is our Achilles heel, and it s hurting us. What most people don t realize, however, is that the greater
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Figure 10.7 shows two steno chairs. Both have been taken from the first file and placed into a second fil e.
Step 4: engage is centred on identifying engagement approaches tailored to the expectations and needs of the individuals or groups identi ed and categorised in the previous three steps of the methodology. Developing stakeholder engagement pro les constitutes the nal step in
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