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In concert with the Brush tool, the Color mode is most often used to colorize grayscale photographs. Here s how it works: Open a grayscale image and then choose Image Mode RGB Color to convert the image to the RGB mode. Then select the Brush tool with or without the airbrush turned on and set the Mode pop-up menu to Color. From that point on, you have only to select the colors you want to use and start painting.
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19.3.1 Recognising change in external environment
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funds in 6, but suf ce it to say that I don t believe a load fund is in and of itself a disadvantage. Fund Size Sometimes a fund becomes so large and has so much money to invest that its exibility is reduced. This can become a disadvantage to investors in that fund. The greatest concern about size generally relates to funds that invest in small companies, because only so many good small companies exist. A manager of a fund that invests in such companies could run out of options and be forced to start investing in larger companies. Since that is not really the market segment that the manager is experienced in, the fund s performance could suffer. Purchase and Sale Timing Unlike stocks, you cannot buy or sell funds in the middle of the day. When you invest in a fund you get the price at the end of the trading day. Likewise, when you sell you get out at the end of the trading day. The fact that you don t know exactly what price you ll be selling at until the end of the day means you could get a higher price or a lower price than was in effect at the time you placed your buy or sell order. Generally, this is not a signi cant problem, particularly for long-term investors. Poor performance, taxes, costs and reduced exibility. These are real issues with funds. But they don t mean that the entire fund industry is a scam. Rather, I urge you to take these factors into consideration when you choose funds. There is one downside of funds, though, that can t be avoided by fund choice. That s the fun factor. Some folks just nd funds dull. They crave the thrill of stocks. And to a certain extent that s understandable. While individual stocks carry enormous risk, they can also hold out the hope of enormous potential upside. Huge upside the proverbial killing is a lot tougher to get with a broadly diversi ed mutual fund where assets are spread out. Remember that fund that held 100 stocks If
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Working with Blocks and Attributes
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Moreover, since u: = u: - uz, we also find that
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6: Adjusting Brightness and Contrast
5. Drag over the area that you want to take out of your image. The clone source is copied to that area. The crosshair shows the area that is currently being cloned (see Figure 16.2). 6. Reset the clone source as needed by holding the Alt (Option) key and clicking your image. 7. Repeat Steps 4 to 6 until the object is gone from your image. With a little help from the Smudge and Healing Brush tools, you d never know that the vehicle was there (see Figure 16.3).
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9. If you d like the reverse effect to occur the next time the trigger is selected, click the Toggle Effect checkbox. 10. Click OK when you re done.
If only it were that easy to secure digital photos. Unfortunately for us, we started with digital photography long before there were any really good solutions to help us secure our picture files. What s more, organizing and managing our photos was something of a nightmare. When we uploaded our pictures from our camera to our computer, we would sort them into various folders on our network. We tried giving the folders descriptive names, which often helped us with general searches, such as when we were looking for photos from a trip to California or an assignment on robots. But what if we were looking for a specific picture that was taken of a child picking flowers, but we couldn t remember when or where we shot it That was difficult. We d sometimes spend long minutes or even hours, browsing through all our pictures until we found it. Thank goodness, we now have a choice of mature, intelligent software solutions that make managing, organizing, using, searching, and securing our photo files far more efficient and effective. Some of the tasks that are now easier, deeper, and, in some cases, automated, include: Uploading to the computer Sorting, rating, and selecting photos Keywording, cataloging, and searching Leveraging and extending metadata Batch processing Archiving Sharing
Part III
Now the matrix A has full rank if, and only if, A has full rank and, in view of Then A * B A = the result of the previous lemma, the full rank property of 3 is equivalent to the positive-definiteness of A'A, as desired.
If you want, you can show an alternate set of units in your dimensions. The most common use of this feature is to show millimeters and inches together. Alternate units appear in square brackets. To show alternate units, click the Alternate Units tab of the New Dimension Style dialog box, as shown in Figure 15.25. Check the Display Alternate Units check box. As you can see, this dialog box is very similar to the Primary Units tab, discussed in the previous section. Notice the default scale of 25.40 in the Multiplier for Alt Units text box. There are 25.4 millimeters to an inch. If your primary units are millimeters, you can set the linear scale to 0.03937, which is the number of inches to a millimeter. Of course, if your units are not inches but meters, miles, or something else, you need to make the appropriate calculations. Figure 15.26 shows two dimensions with alternate units.
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