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One bene t of exporting handouts to Word is being able to change the margins. In Word, on the Page Layout tab, click the Margins button, and choose a margin preset or choose Custom Margins. However, note that changing the page margins does not resize the table. If you change the left margin, the table may start at a different place in relation to the left margin (because the table is left-aligned), but if you want to increase the margins so that you can increase the table width, those are two separate activities. You can also set internal margins in the cells in a table. To do so, on the Table Tools Layout tab, click Cell Margins.
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to twice the channel quality estimation delay. A mid-amble based channel quality estimation was performed using the Kalman filtering based CIR estimator. Subsequently, the instantaneous burst-by-burst SIR was estimated following the methodology described previously in this section. The outer switching thresholds m,, for this latency-affected wideband AQAM scheme are shown in Table 7.9 for target BERs of 1% and 0.01% and the inner switching thresholds, t , are listed in Table 4.8. The performance the latency-affected segmented wideband AQAMscheme is shown in of Figure 7.24 for target BERs of 1%and 0.01%, respectively. The target BERs were achieved and the BPS performance exhibited similar characteristics to thoseof the upper boundcurves shown in Figure 7.23. However, the BPS throughput degraded, when compared to the upper bound performance. Thiswas consistent with our expectations, since theswitching thresholds of the latency-affected segmented wideband AQAM scheme were set more conservatively,in order to reduce the impact latency and to achieve the target BER. of The throughput comparison between the segmented wideband AQAM scheme and the fixed modulation modes is shown in Figure 7.25 for target BERs of 1%and 0.01%, respectively. The throughput and the corresponding average channel SNR required was obtained from Figure 7.15 for the fixed modulation modes. The throughput of the upper bound segmented wideband AQAM scheme is also displayed for comparison. In some cases, thetarget BER was not achieved by the fixed modulation modes and hence the corresponding points of an were not shown. For the target BER l%, approximately 3-5dB BPS/SNR was observed for average SIRS of 20 and 30dB. Similarly, for the target BER of 0.01%, at an average SIR of 30dB, a BPS/SNR gain of approximately 11.GdB was achieved at an average throughput of 1 bit per symbol. Furthermore, at an average BPS of 2, the BPS/SNR gain achieved was approximately 20dB. In comparing the fixed modulation modes and the segmented wideband AQAM scheme, CC1 compensationtechniques werenotapplied.Consequently, the degradationincurred by the fixed modulation modes was severe. However, in the segmented wideband AQAM scheme, we exploited the switching regime of Table 7.8 for the wideband AQAM scheme, in order to reduce the impact of CC1 at the expense of a lower throughput. Nevertheless, even exposed toa CC1 estimate latency equivalent to 32 time-slots, the segmented wideband AQAM scheme having instantaneous SIR estimates managed to outperform the fixed modulation modes.
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With the large number of photo-related magazines, it s impossible to list them all. Here s a list of some of my favorites for amateurs and professionals. Most of these magazines also have an online presence with a wide variety of content.
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Here is a source of incremental revenue that many businesses overlook: Renting your database of leads, active customers, and inactive accounts to noncompeting companies for their own direct marketing purposes. There are a number of ways list owners can maximize list rental income and put more money into their pockets: Keep the base price reasonable. Many mailers want to charge fees above average, but relatively few own above-average lists. If you want to get extra income from your lists without putting a price on the data card that causes sticker shock, keep the base price affordable and charge a slight premium for selects. A select is the rental of a specific portion of the list, rather than a random selection of names from the entire list.
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Crash Profits: Make Money When Stocks Sink and Soar
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The goal with printing whether it s done on an inkjet printer or by a lab is to match the way the image displays on the monitor as closely as possible. Naturally, if the monitor isn t calibrated and pro led, it is hard to determine whether the print is a match to the screen. I have seen cases where a photographer s color matching problems disappeared when she calibrated her monitor.
The Unsharp Mask filter works by identifying edges and increasing the contrast around those edges. The Radius value tells Photoshop how thick you want your edges. Large values produce thicker edges than small values. The ideal Radius value depends on the resolution of your image and the quality of its edges: n When creating screen images such as Web graphics use a very low Radius value, such as 0.5. This results in terrific hairline edges that look so crisp, you ll think you washed your bifocals. n If a low Radius value brings out strange imperfections such as grain, scan lines, or JPEG compression artifacts raise the value to 1.0 or higher. If that doesn t help, don t worry. You ll discover two very effective image-fixing techniques later in this chapter, one designed to sharpen grainy old photos and another that accommodates compressed images. n When printing an image at a moderate resolution anywhere from 120 to 180 ppi use a Radius value of 1.0. The edges look a little thick onscreen, but they print fine. n For high-resolution images around 300 ppi try a Radius of 2.0. Because Photoshop prints more pixels per inch, the edges have to be thicker to remain nice and visible.
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