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If a hedge fund buys $10 million face value of a bond with a 6 percent semiannual coupon, the total paid for the position must re ect both the price paid for the face value plus accrued interest. Assume for this example that the bond maturing on May 15, 2009, was purchased to settle on February 15, 2004, at a price of $103 (or 103 percent of face value). The principal amount of the trade is $10,300,000 (103% $10 million). The accrued interest would be approximately $151,648.3 The following entries might be used to book the purchase: XYZ Corporation 6 Percent Debenture Due 3/15/XX XYC 6 percent bond Accrued interest Cash $10,300,000 $ 151,648 $10,451,648
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higher-order AQAM modes are selected more often.
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where p1 and p2 are step-size parameters. (b) Likewise, verify that m = 1, we obtain instead
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Camera raw formats have been around for a few years now, and many photographers won t shoot in anything else. The ability to use all the image data captured by the camera s sensors, which amounts to trillions of colors, is a heady feeling. The fact that camera raw also stores your settings as metadata
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When polar tracking is on, a tooltip appears when you move the cursor close to one of the polar angles. Here you see a tooltip indicating an angle of 45 degrees.
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Agents for Electronic Commerce
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Use the Launchbar to create new workspaces, change workspace properties, control alerts, issue invitations, and add and remove contacts, among other things. To display a Workspace window, right-click on the SharePoint Workspace 2010 icon in the system tray and choose Open Workspace. (Again, if you have multiple accounts, you will rst need to click the desired account.) In Select Workspace, click on the workspace you want to open and then click OK. You will learn more about workspaces in Workspaces, later in this chapter. The Workspace window enables you to do many of the same things as the Launchbar.
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beginning to end. With this simple change, the actual delivery of a payment can be promised more realistically. With weekly batches, payment should never take more than two weeks. The nature of the payment cycle should be explained to all employees. It is not a simple matter of cutting a check while they wait, because such exceptions would add costs to the accounting process; and exceptions would add considerably to the cost of processing payments. Once employees understand what is involved in processing and the need for batch processing they are more likely to accept a maximum of a two-week waiting period. An informal payment system for relatively small payments can be initiated. This can be set up as a petty cash fund to be used for reimbursements under $100, for example, so that employees are not expected to wait two weeks for small payments; and the Accounting Department does not have to incur the costs. Processing a $30 check costs the same as processing a $3,000 check, so an alternative method for handling small payments saves time and money. The value in thinking of internal employee interactions as provider customer interactions is twofold. First, it improves communication internally. Second, it helps us to better develop a system for working with traditional customers. By understanding expectations and requirements on both sides of a transaction, we all do a better job. If we do not understand the problem, then we are going to have dif culty arriving at a solution.
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Lighting is discussed in more detail in 9, Basic Video Production Techniques.
Overview of a Level 5 Organization: Proactive and Continuous Innovation
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