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Part IV
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8: Inserting Images
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So as a form of trying to quantify process much like the One Minute Management school of thought the idea just did not work.
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If you re in a hurry to catch your morning train, you d better skip last night s Letterman show. It takes about 20 minutes to download a 30 minute program, even on a very fast LAN.
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FIGURE 14.12
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If you want your new brush names to live in perpetuity, resave the brush set. Otherwise, the names revert to their previous labels when and if you replace the brush set.
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A video layer has one additional property to other types of layers in the Animation (Timeline) panel. That property, as you can see in Figure 26.23, is an Altered Video sublayer. Within that sublayer, frames can be altered one at a time to create an animation.
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two-path Gaussian channel of Figure 8.21(a). The conventional DFE has a feedforward order of m = 7 and a feedback order ofn = 1. The turbo interleaver size is 9984 bits.
Modem Managed VPN Control Tunnel
The Division of Labor in Society
As you d expect, you can click the eye icon next to a filter in the Layers palette to disable the filter temporarily. Click the eye icon again to reenable it. If you prefer, you can right-click the filter name in the palette and choose Enable Smart Filter or Disable Smart Filter from the pop-up menu. You can also click the eye icon next to the Smart Filters item to disable all filters for that Smart Object; click the eye icon again to reenable those filters that were previously enabled. Alternatively, select the Smart Object; then choose Layer Smart Filter Disable/Enable Smart Filters. To delete a Smart Filter altogether, click and drag its name in the Layers palette down to the trash icon at the bottom of the palette, or right-click it and choose Delete Smart Filter from the menu. To delete all Smart Filters for a Smart Object, click and drag its Smart Filters item to the trash icon, or right-click the Smart Filters item and choose Clear Smart Filters from the pop-up menu. You can also select the Smart Object and choose Layer Smart Filter Clear Smart Filters.
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