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were asked to identify the most important questions that need to be addressed to ensure the institution s academic excellence. The exercise produced one of the most critical outcomes of sensemaking and one of the most important contributions trustees can make: better questions than ever.
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To find a condition on p for the upper bound on the eigenvalues of start by expressing F as F = I - p A + p2B
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Audio Processing The Audio Processing pop-up menu provides the following choices: Audio Follows Video: Audio and video are listed as one in the EDL. (Pans and fades are not listed.) Audio Separately: Audio is listed separately. Note that Premiere can only provide a listing that the EDL can interpret. Audio at End: The edit list is the same as Audio Separately but appears at the end of the list. Level Notes The Level Notes pop-up menu enables you to provide the following editing notes options: None: No editing notes are provided. Audio Only: Only notes about audio are included. Keys Only: Provides notes about keys only. Audio and Keys: Provides notes about audio and keys. Create B-roll If the production requires footage for transitions and keys from the same source reel, a B-roll conform list is created. The production facility creates a separate video reel from the B-roll conform list. B-roll in Separate File If you select Create B-roll, this option enables you to create a B-roll conform list in a separate file. 3. Click the Wipe Code button. The EDL Wipe Codes dialog box, as shown in Figure 19-8, appears. 4. In the EDL Wipe Codes dialog box, enter the wipe codes used by your production facility, if needed.
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Notice that the list only shows four favorites, and has no indicator that there are any more. On one hand, this is a bit misleading. There is no way for a user to know if there are more favorites than are listed here. But you can easily get to the complete list of favorites by clicking on the Favorites title in the banner for the portlet. And, even more importantly, the list of favorites displayed in this portlet is your list of favorites. The automatic customization features of Oracle9iAS Portal mean that there is a separate list of favorites for every individual user. So the only person seeing this list should be you and you should know that there are more favorites. Before moving on to the next portlet, you should remove the favorites group you added for demonstration purposes only. 19. Click on the Favorites link in the banner for the my Links portlet. 20. Click on the Delete action link for the favorites group you just added. 21. When you are prompted on the next page to confirm the deletion, click on the Yes button. 22. Click on the Home link in the banner of the Navigate Favorites page to return to the Oracle9iAS Portal environment.
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Notice how often you think that others are angry with you. Instead of assuming someone is angry, check it out. If the person tells you that she is not angry, instead of assuming she is lying, take her at her word. Because you have a history of projecting your anger onto others, the chances are good that the other person is telling the truth. Notice how often you are attracted to or become involved with angry people. This is not a coincidence. Often we are attracted to those who have a quality we have rejected in ourselves but would like to recapture. Notice how often you allow others to act out your anger for you. Do you often complain to others about someone else Do you notice that your friends and family seem to be able to get angry at those you complain about Has anyone close to you ever confronted another person in your life for you
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F o r m = 0 t o m = M - 1do:
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The Images pane offers choices for the downsampling method. The default method is Bicubic Downsampling. Leave the choice for Bicubic Downsampling at the default selection. To learn more about the other methods and what they mean, see 10.
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for production, a dozen or more versions may be created, for example. During Mary s work, she discovers that management has lost touch with its multimedia assets and its intellectual capital. Other than the person directly involved in managing or creating specific multimedia, no one knows the specific processes involved in creating products for market. Management is so focused on company growth through capturing new contracts that existing processes are being ignored. For example, one of the company s core competencies, the ability to render realistic, three-dimensional (3-D) images of patients, is dependent on one artist who is fluent in a custom software package that is so specialized and complex that it takes months to master. Furthermore, unbeknownst to upper management, Ron has been unable to locate anyone to hire full time to assist the artist. The best that Ron can do is to identify a freelance consultant in Seattle and one in Oakland to handle some of the work. If the in-house artist were to leave, the entire production work of the company would come to a halt. Since Medical Multimedia specializes in custom work, most of the internal processes parallel those of the artist, in that they are highly persondependent and only the creator knows exactly how he performs his work. Realizing the potential for disaster, Mary approached the president of the company and suggested that she expand her multimedia asset management project to include the company s intellectual capital. Given her success with the multimedia assets and her experience with similar companies, the president agreed to extend the asset management project. He offers Mary a full-time position with Medical Multimedia, in charge of capturing, cataloging, and managing the company s multimedia and intellectual assets.
Dreamweaver has the capability to call an editor for any specified type of file at the click of a button. For example, when you import a graphic, you often need to modify its color, size, shape, transparency, or another feature to make it work correctly on the Web page. Rather than starting your graphics program independently, you load the image, make the changes, and resave the image. Dreamweaver enables you to send any selected image directly to your editor. After you ve made your modifications and saved the file, the altered image appears automatically in Dreamweaver. The capability to associate different file types with external editors applies to more than just images in Dreamweaver. You can link one or more editors to any type of media images, audio, video, even specific kinds of code. The defined external editor is invoked when the file is doubleclicked in the Files panel. Because the editors are assigned according to file extension, as opposed to media type, one editor can be assigned to GIF files and another to JPEGs. The selection is completely customizable.
+Option+Shift+N or click New Layer icon in Layers palette +Shift+N or Option+click New Layer icon in Layers palette +click New Layer icon in Layers palette +Option+click New Layer icon in Layers palette +J +Option+J
4 Capturing Video
Schnable Effect, Hscale: 25%, Vscale: 25% Random Strokes, Hscale: 50%, Vscale: 50%
continue; print( $x ); }
This example returns (40 . 4.5). This list type is known as a dotted pair because it contains exactly two elements, and the elements are separated by a period or dot.
When you select All Labels from a context menu or preference setting, you see tool descriptions on many tools. However, not all tools describe the tool with a label. For example, look at the Zoom In tool (the plus symbol). It should be apparent to you what the tool does by viewing the icon in the toolbar. Other tools functions, however, may not be so apparent from viewing the tool icons. Fortunately, you have some extra help in the form of Tool Tips. To view a Tool Tip, place the cursor over a tool in the Toolbar Well or on a floating toolbar, and pause a moment before selecting the tool. A Tool Tip appears inside a yellow box directly below the cursor with a label describing the tool. In Figure 1.38 you can see the Tool Tip that appears when the cursor is placed over the Sticky Note tool. As you move the cursor over different tools, the Tool Tips change to reflect the description of the targeted tool. FIGURE 1.38
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