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Whenever you find Windows performing strangely, particularly if you ve recently installed new hardware or software, you can turn back the clock to one of your restore points. Open the System Restore utility, and on the Welcome screen click the Restore My Computer To An Earlier Time option. Clicking Next takes you to the Select a Restore Point screen, as shown in Figure 6-2. By default, System Restore highlights the most recent restore point you ve set on the current day, and you can click any date and read the description to see which point you want to use. In fact, Figure 6-2 shows two possible points, the most recent taking place before the installation of the audio software and the other an automatically set restore point (roughly three hours before) that Windows calls a System Checkpoint.
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Hence the operator F is a contraction if 11D-l ( L U )/ / of the matrix D - ' ( L U ) , we have
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Part I: Building Your Presentation
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filtered or conditionally displayed. For more details on these scenarios, see the sidebar Restricting Repeated Spry Data later in this section.
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3 Choose Windows Info.
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advantage of the limited-risk feature of options, keep the cost down as much as possible on each option contract. That also lets you spread your funds around to a wider variety of different options. Rule 5. Expect losers. Indeed, with options, success can be achieved with many small losers and a few large winners another reason why you should keep the cost of each individual option low. Rule 6. Among the losers, don t be surprised if there are some that wind up expiring worthless a 100 percent loss. To help avoid total losses, try to sell them whether at a profit or a loss before the last two weeks in the life of the option. Rule 7. Do your best to buy put options while the market is in a rally mode. (To determine if the market is in a rally mode, see Is the Market in Rally Mode on page 70.) Or, you can also use more advanced technical tools, which are beyond the realm of this book. (If you buy call options, it s the opposite try to buy on a market correction.) Rule 8. Similarly, seek to sell put options you re holding while the market is still in a short-term declining mode. (Also, see Is the Market in Rally Mode ) Rule 9. Seek to buy an even number of contracts of each option. This will give you more flexibility when seeking to exit the position. Rule 10. When you buy an option whether a put or call always specify the maximum price you will pay based on the last actual trade in the specific option you are buying. As an illustration, if you re buying two contracts of the XYZ option, and its last price was $2.75 per share ($275 per contract of 100 shares), you might tell your broker, (Continued)
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Given the two networks in Fig. P 16.1 . find the Y parameters for the circuit in (a) and the Z parameters for the circui t in (b).
The action in Fig. 9.29a is modeled as shown in Fig. 9.29b. Note that since a ground fault
6 Back in the Layers palette, double-click this layer and rename it Foreground.
FIGURE 30.11
This advice may sound contrary to common sense; after all, the more dependent a customer is on your service, the more he ll use you, and the more money you ll make, right But if you deliberately attempt to make a customer dependent on you, limit his growth, and avoid teaching him to do for himself, he ll resent it. He ll see that you are trying to maximize your profit and take as much money out of his pocket as you can. And this will cause unhappiness, dissatisfaction, and distrust of you. Doing the opposite helping customers become less dependent on your services, not more makes good sense. If you can show the customer how to do more for himself, you save him money, and that s one of the primary benefits a customer looks for from any vendor. The less he has to spend on outside services, the more he saves; the more he saves, the more he ll be grateful to you. And that gratitude translates to loyalty. What s more, reducing customer dependence on your services can actually increase use of services rather than decrease them, and raise revenues instead of lower them. How When you teach the customer to do more on his own, he saves money by handling routine and less critical tasks in-house. With the savings, he will have extra money to spend on more important projects and goals and is likely to think of hiring you to handle those assignments in return for your good service and honesty.
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The methods outlined here answer these questions in various ways. No matter which method you use, the principle of data backups never changes. Having only the original copy of a file is the same as having only the original copy of your most important legal documents or photograph collection. To prevent the disaster or disappointment of losing this copy, you make a copy of the item and store it in a location where (a) you ll be able to find it, and (b) it will be safe from problems affecting the original. The answer to point (b) matters a great deal. If you store your backup files on the same hard drive partition as the original, you lose both if, for any reason, you reformat or otherwise lose access to the partition. You re quite a bit better off storing them on separate partitions of the same hard drive because most actions affecting one partition have no effect on the other, but you still lose them both if the hard drive fails. To gain any sense of real security, you should save your backups to a separate storage device, such as a tape drive, a CD-RW drive, or a DVD burner, or a separate hard drive. You can even store backup files on floppy disks, amazingly still the default for Microsoft s own Backup Utility (covered later in this chapter), but unless you have only really small files to back up, floppies work only as an emergency backup device.
snaps to a real or imaginary intersection of two ohj ects (apparent ntersection) snaps to the center of an arc or circle snaps to the closest end of any object snaps to a point along the extension of a line or arc establishes a temporary reference point from the parameters of an existing objects snaps to the insertion point of a block snaps to the intersection of two items snaps to the midpoint of a selected item snaps to a point on an object nearest to the digitized point snaps to a point created by POINT, DIVIDE, or MEASURE turns the Object Snap mode off draws a line parallel to an existing line snaps to a 90 degree angle to an existing line snaps to the 0, 90, 180, or 270 degree point on an arc, circh:, or ellipse snaps to the first snap point found snaps to the tangent of an arc or circle
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