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Windows Media Player and Windows Media Encoder together offer a significant suite for working with video. When combined with Windows Movie Maker, the subject of the next chapter, you have a production suite for decent homemade video, complete with the capability to create simple soundtracks or narrations and even to broadcast the video or share it over email, via the Web, or on DVD.
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If you ve ever downloaded a few minutes of digital video over a slow modem connection, you know the reason why streaming video was invented. In an age when immediacy rules, the wait until the complete video file is transferred and then loaded into the video player can seem to last an eternity. Streaming, on the other hand, enables the multimedia content to begin playing as soon as the first complete packet of information is received, and then to continue playing as more digital information arrives. Video is just one form of media to get the streaming treatment: You can also stream audio, animation, text, and other formats. Regardless of which streaming video protocol you use, the procedure for incorporating the file on your Web page is basically the same, although the details (such as filename extensions) differ. To demonstrate the general technique and still offer some specific information you can use, the next section shows you how to include streaming RealMedia clips with Dreamweaver. Check with the developer of the streaming video format you plan to use to get the precise installation details. Typically, a great deal of information is available for free on the developers Web sites.
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When you press the Ctrl or Option key while clicking the mouse button, the cursor changes to an icon, informing you that the selected articles are to be joined.
Hybrid clouds, or integrated clouds, are scenarios where an organization blends its internal private cloud with cloud capabilities provided through public clouds by third-party cloud service providers.
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Of course, that s not the way Time Warner sees it. Listening in Orlando last month to Time Warner CEO Gerald Levin gleefully anticipating his grab for a part of the $105 billion telephone market, it was clear that he doesn t want people to earn money in the information age; he just wants them to spend it. I think we can do better by the people. You re probably thinking what my father would say: Put up or shut up, Ratcliffe. What s this new economy supposed to look like Well. . . . It s nine o clock in the morning, sometime in 2017. Davis Allen, a 39-year-old man living in Nantucket, pulls himself up to the keyboard in his den. He s at work. He s an online star. As his computers boot up, the screens around him flicker to life; some contain text messages, others are video feeds from the places he ll be performing today. The screen directly in front of him, labeled LIVE, is blank. This will let him see whom he s talking to when he actually taps into the lives of his audience. There are approximately 75,000 online personalities (OPs) in the United States. Folks come into contact with five to ten OPs a day. Each OP has a micro audience of 3,500 or so people who would identify with that personality. The superstars, like Davis, are very influential, because they personally advise half a million or more people. The new broadband lines are standard fare in Davis s community. Everyone has vast amounts of capacity available dynamically. There s no more making appointments for T1 bandwidth: it s there instantly. Davis gobbles bandwidth keeping connected to his audience. About 420,000 people in the region and a few who have moved across country or to Europe and Asia count on Davis s endorsement of products when shopping, as well as his wit and eye for the ironic to provide entertainment. The broadband lines in the house are from one of the local phone companies. They are the second set laid in. The first, installed by the now-defunct cable system, were paid for by Davis s old employer, Paracom, the entertainment conglomerate. In those days, he was doing banter in the interface of the local interactive television system, hawking new programs, connecting gamers in huge virtual Zork tournaments, and giving folks the sense that they weren t alone in the digiscape. Paracom Online spent heavily on developing online personalities in the late 1990s. These next-generation disc jockeys followed the lead of the MTV VJ and talk-radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh, who were the first to turn participation (no matter how inconsequential) into a mass medium. Davis Allen was one of the first, joining the Paracom network as a 19-year-old to cruise the youth-oriented newsgroups on the Internet, making friends, getting those friends to bring others into the conversation; soon he was a literal Pied Piper at the vanguard of the march into interactivity. His own experience taught him to pick out the most interesting people he met in cyberspace. As more people took up the video camera and desktop video editing systems, or turned their keyboards into expressive outlets for their ideas, Davis became a valued source of contacts a kind of virtual editor who connected his audience with others creative work. Late in the first decade of the new century, Davis left Paracom s employ and set up his own company. For almost a decade, he s been contracting with media companies, advertisers, and service organizations, including Paracom, to provide the online personality for content, products, and services throughout the Northeast. The average OP, working for a production company that taps many networks to distribute its content, has hundreds of these endorsement contracts.
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