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STEPS: Using AutoLISP to Work with System Variables
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Keeping the Titles in View by Freezing Panes
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After you add elds to a query, you can run the query. Figure 36-24 shows the data returned by the query in Figure 36-23.
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Consulting through the entire Balanced Scorecard or operational dashboard process Mentoring for Balanced Scorecard sponsors and facilitators Customized on site workshops Executive briefings Excel developer training
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Evidence from literature indicates that although change is imperative, when people are confronted with it, they usually resist (Pendlebury et al., 1998; Paton and McCalman, 2000; Senior, 2002). In fact, studies show that nearly two in every three change initiatives in largescale corporations tend to fail (Stewart, 1993). The reason being that employees resist change, which in turn impedes on its implementation. The proponents of change management identify the fear of failure, lack of respect for and trust in the change-agent(s), tendency to avoid emotional turmoil arising out of change initiatives and the dislike of imposed change as the primary reasons for resistance to change (Paton and McCalman, 2000). It is a natural tendency for humans to resist change if they feel their comfort is being threatened. This is explained by evolutionary psychologists that humans have an aversion for loss when they feel their positions are comfortable. This can be attributed to the fact that since the dawn of civilisation, man has suffered hardships in his quest for survival, his primary motive. So whenever he felt that he was in a place where he has an assured form of sustenance, he avoided wandering off in search of new land and when his territory was invaded by others, he defended it violently. The resistance to change can be analysed from this point of view. This will help managers to understand how their employees and even they themselves think and feel about change. The trait of personal defence has been passed down through generations and can be seen in the organisational context. Nichelson (1998) suggests that when faced with resistance, managers should take it as a normal occurrence instead of closing-in on the concerned employees. Space, safety and support can enhance the generation of creative thoughts and actions from employees, consequently acting as stimuli for change and an employee-driven need for change. Such an approach is often not considered by most managers who desire to have a transformation in their organisation. Moreover, managers have a tendency to generalise the resistance to change into a simple ve-stage process comprising 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Denial for change, Defence from change, i.e. trying to avoid it, Employees begin to discard their old ways, Employees start adapting to the new system and nally the employees internalise the new system, making it their routine. create free data matrix bar code
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Figure 8.3 The interfaces and internal structure of a QBone bandwidth broker Internet2 QBone Source: From [QBB02]
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Figure 2-29
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To split a video layer, move the current time indicator to the location where you want the video split and choose Split Layers from the Animation panel menu. When a video layer is split, it is divided into two different layers, with the beginning of the split video segment on one layer and the end on another, as shown in Figure 25.34. If you watch a video right after you have split it, you won t see any difference in the video playback.
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Alignment of the Organization with Strategic Direction
If the check box for Simulate Paper Color is enabled in the Output Preview dialog box, the preview shows you a particular shade of gray as simulated for the paper color by the profile you choose. You may find that the preview looks too gray or has too much black. This may not be the result of the profile used, but rather the brightness adjustment on your monitor. If your monitor is calibrated properly and the profile accurately displays the paper color, the preview should show you an accurate representation of the document as it is printed on paper.
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