Formatting Numbered Lists in .NET

Integrating QR Code in .NET Formatting Numbered Lists

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3. In the CSS Styles panel, make sure you re in All mode and select #nav ul. In the Properties pane, click Add Property. Enter list-style and press Tab; enter none and press Enter (Windows) or Return (Mac). Next, you change the orientation of the list items from vertical to horizontal by applying a float property. You also space the items apart with a margin-right and align the text labels to the center. 4. In the CSS Styles panel, select #nav li. Enter the following three new properties by clicking Add Property for each: float: left margin-right: 10 pixels text-align: center With the additional properties and values in place (Figure 6-20), your vertical list becomes horizontal and is almost ready for the background images. However, the background images must be applied to an <a> tag, so you need to add links to each of the list items first.
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The Repeat button appears when Redo is not available, and enables you to repeat actions.
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Figure 3.5 Sample target interim deliverable summarizing local nance business processes (elements can be colour coded to re ect business priorities for IT support)
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after the application object has finished inserting master page elements and creating the detail page, be sure to save the master page. Dreamweaver saves the detail page automatically, but it does not save the master page as part of the creation process. n
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Averaglng analysis. The results described in the previous paragraph on the practicality of the
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package examples.command; interface CommandTarget { Command executeCommand(Command aCommand) throws CommandException; }
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2: Touring Dreamweaver
Following are the recommendations [to reduce the occurrence of identity theft] from the President s Task Force on Identity Theft.9
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2 Choose Image Duplicate to make a duplicate copy.
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Part III
Part I
The putdown action occurs when the arm places the object x onto the table:
The <pre> tag is a block element format, like the paragraph or the headings tags, rather than a style. This designation as a block element format has two important implications. First, you can t apply the <pre>...</pre> tag pair to part of a line; when you use this tag pair, the entire paragraph is altered. Second, you can apply styles to preformatted text this enables you to increase the size or alter the font, but at the same time maintain the whitespace feature made possible with the <pre> tag. All text in Figure 7-9 uses the <pre> tag; the column on the left is the standard output with a monospace font; the column on the right uses a different font in a larger size.
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