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Creating Data Connections
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The DONUT Command
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Figure 11-1: VPN Router setup lab diagram
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Refinement is often the name of the game in Web design, and quick access to your favorite modification tools whether you re modifying code, graphics, or other media is one of Dreamweaver s key features. The File Types / Editors category, shown in Figure 3-6, is where you specify the program you want Dreamweaver to call for any file type you define.
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chapter 18
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Figure 10.4: BER versus signal to noise ratio performance of the RBF DFE and the Jacobian logarithmic RBF DFE over the dispersivetwo-path Gaussian channel Figure 8.21(a) for of different M-QAM modes. Both equalizers have feedforward order of m = 2, feedback a order of n = 1 and decision delayof T = 1 symbol.
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(a) The frequency plot of the admittance and (b) the phasor diagram for the paral
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i Drag the histogram s Shadow slider to the right until it s directly below the initial up-tick in the histogram data.
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sinc(m5f / A f ), we can adjust the equivalent SNR to:
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Taz s Take: The greater the difference in
Display or hide Layers palette View single layer by itself Create new layer above current layer Create new layer below current layer Create new layer above current layer and assign name Create new layer below current layer and assign name Clone selection or entire layer to new layer Clone selection or entire layer to new layer and assign name Transfer selection to new layer
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Clicking the Options button in the lower-left corner of the dialog box opens another dialog box that includes additional print options, such as whether to print hidden text in Word. n
FIGURE 6.22 The arrowhead options appear in this drop-down palette. Click to display line options
File structure
Microsoft Visio really excels in the areas of data connectivity and analysis. Maps and charts you draw can be linked to data in Excel workbooks or databases. This enables displayed data in symbols to automatically update when the data changes. You can even assign alert levels to connected data so that areas out of tolerance are flagged with a warning color. Figure 13.9 shows a human resource recruiting map linked to an HR database. As data in the database changes, the graphs and alerts change on the map.
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