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I love how that works. Now it s time to make a silhouette layer.
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Construction Stakeholder Management
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The PDF you have created contains the worksheets you specified and any other document pages you included. Text hyperlinks in the Excel file are converted for use in the PDF. Some modifications to the PDF file you may want to make are:
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loss. Furthermore, managing knowledge workers is challenging because of the competing goals of encouraging knowledge sharing thorough communities of practice while maintaining control over the general direction of the corporation through information hiding and filtering. For knowledge workers who represent a positive value multiplier, providing consistent supportive feedback through the corporation s touch points, investing in knowledge worker education when economically feasible, and maintaining the processes associated with knowledge worker loyalty all maximize the value that the knowledge worker can bring to the corporation.
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In the following example, you create a gradient mask to fade part of an image into nothingness. Figure 9.11 brings the handy biology class skeleton in the left half fading in from the ground up onto the stormy plain over on the right.
Selects any element. This selector may be used to skip one or more generations of tags. Use body * p to select paragraphs contained within div elements that are children of the body tag, for example.
Be aware that beginning to use a graphics tablet can be a little disorienting. For one thing, the tablet is mapped to the screen. That is, if the pen is touching the tablet in the lower-left corner, the cursor is in the lower left of the screen. To move the cursor to the top right of the screen, move the pen to the top right of the tablet. This learning curve can take a little time, but it s well worth the effort.
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Using commands to call other commands
Alt+spacebar+click or Ctrl+minus ( ) Ctrl+Alt+0 (zero) or double+click zoom tool icon Ctrl+0 (zero) or double-click hand tool icon Shift+Enter
2. Insert a new slide that uses the Title Only layout. a. On the Home tab, click the down arrow below New Slide. b. Click Title Only. c. In the title box, type Protect Yourself from Hazards.
FIGURE 13.20 The Photoshop mockup for the site. Select the area to copy, and choose Edit Copy Merged to copy all the layers at once.
2. Changes in regulatory regimes. The worldwide financial problems are likely to result in regulatory changes in the United States and other countries. We have had an incrementally changing regulatory environment for the past several years, but I think given what is happening in the global financial markets, we are likely to see accelerating change, says our colleague. 3. Economic pressures. The global recession may create intense economic pressures for an extended period, according to our colleague. We know from our past experience that as the economic waters recede, more rocks are exposed. The real question is whether companies will mitigate the growing pressure on their people and help them avoid being tempted to resort to fraud and corruption, says Swinehart. 4. Technology. As companies rely more extensively on advanced technologies to operate their businesses, new opportunities for committing fraud will arise. Every time that the guys with the white hats get better at devising anti-fraud systems anomaly detection systems, control systems, security systems, firewalls and anti-penetration techniques technologically savvy fraudsters, whether they are external to the company or internal, figure out a way around the technology. This battle will become more intense and it is likely to be with us for the rest of our lives.
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