5: Working with Layouts, Themes, and Masters in .NET

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It is possible to derive the portfolio standard deviation of return using standard statistical formulas found in many statistics books. The
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Figure 26.17: Xcelsius can be configured in different layouts. Here, chart components are on the left, the top area shows the dashboard canvas, and the lower area shows the Excel worksheet.
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FIGURE 5.7 The new Reading mode view provides you with a display where you can read books and manuals with more screen area dedicated to the document pages.
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This is retouching in its most basic form. It was used to make a nice image presentable. Whenever you work on an important image, look for ways to ne-tune it by removing small distractions that have a big impact.
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finds that F28 is 2, and the COUNTIF counts one other 2 in the range above. The result is that G28 is 3. Because both of these issues have the same number of incidents, it is not important which is second or third so long as they are charted together. Now that there is a unique ranking order with no duplicates, INDEX and MATCH can be used to create a list for charting. (In this case, a VLOOKUP could also be used to create the ordered list for display.) The range I24:I32 contains the numeric values 1 through 8. Cell J24 contains the formula
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User last name User first name Session User ID Group name or Branch Office name Tunnel type Session start date Session end date
Unique solution. The argument will show that a unique solution KOexists if, and only if, the covariance matrix R, is positive-definite. Indeed, if 4 > 0 then all its eigenvalues are positive and, consequently, R, is nonsingular. In this case, equation (4.7) will have a unique solution KOgiven by KO = R,,R;I. Conversely, assume a unique solution KO exists to the normal equations (4.7) and let us establish that it must hold that R, > 0. Assume, to the contrary, that R, is singular. Then there should exist a nonzero row vector c* such that c* R, = 0 or, equivalently, R,c = 0. The vector c belongs to the nullspace of R,, written as c E N ( 4 ) .It is now easy to see that by adding to the rows of KOany such vector c*, we obtain a matrix KL that satisfies the same equations (4.7),i.e., KLR, = Rzy. This contradicts the fact that KOis unique so that R, must be positive-definite. Infinitely many solutions. We now show that the normal equations (4.7) will have infinitely many solutions KOif, and only if, is singular. One direction of the proof is obvious. Assume KOis one solution and that R, is singular. Then by adding to the rows of KOany vector c* (or any combination of vectors) from the nullspace of R,, we obtain another solution KL (as explained above). Hence, infinitely many solutions exist in this case. Conversely assume that many solutions exist. Let KOand KL denote any two of these solutions. Then subtracting the equations KoR, = R,, and KLR, = R,, we obtain (KO- KL)R, = 0, which means that R, is singular, since there is at least one nonzero row in KO- KL and this row annihilates R,.
straight line and rational course from vision to mission to goals to strategy to execution. A different definition of leadership. Leaders enable organizations to confront and move forward on complex, value-laden problems that defy a right answer or perfect solution. A different mindset. Beyond fiduciary stewardship and strategic partnership, governance is tantamount to leadership. A different role. The board becomes an asset that creates added value and comparative advantage for the organization. A different way of thinking. Boards are intellectually playful and inventive as well as logical and linear. A different notion of work. The board frames higher-order problems as well as assesses technical solutions, and asks questions that are more catalytic than operational. A different way to do business. The board relies more on retreatlike meetings, teamwork, robust discourse, work at the organization s boundaries, and performance metrics linked to organizational learning.
If what you are after is a compiled listing ofyour attributes on screen, use the EATIEXT command. This will walk you through the process of extracting all of your attribute data and placing it on your screen. This is a new command with Release 2006. In Release 2008 it has become much more complicated. Simply remove all references to objects other than attributes when prommpted and it will work beautifully. You will be prompted for such things as a table heading, in this case the heading Jig Assembly was chosen. Figure 14.5 shows an extraction from quite a large drawing. The lists can be numbered according to any of the tags.
TABLE 15-3
During an exercise meant to demonstrate different brainstorming techniques in a project management class at the University of Washington at Tacoma, a group of students were asked to come up with a list of ideas on how to market a band online. Build a Web site, distribute songs, and start a message board were offered up pretty early in the exercise. Like microwave popcorn, the roiling pops of ideas started to slow down and looked to be coming to a rather pedestrian halt, because each was only a part of the process of distributing ideas, not promoting them. In desperation, one of the students blurted out, Set yourself on fire, more due to frustration than participation in the lesson. It was the first original and interesting idea to come out of the discussion.
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