5: Working with Layouts, Themes, and Masters in .NET

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Visual LISP (VLISP) is an integrated development environment (IDE) that provides an easy-to-use editor to help you create code, debug errors, and test programs. You can write AutoLISP code in Notepad or any text editor, but the Visual LISP editor offers many advantages: n Syntax checker, color coding, and highlighting to help correct syntax errors n File compilation for security and faster execution n Debugger, with support for stepping through source code to find errors n Inspect and Watch windows for querying a value or examining a variable during execution n Context-sensitive help n Management of multiple file applications from a project window n Console history, which makes it possible to recall previously entered information
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Selections, Masks, and Filters
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At the vertices w l r 212,. . . , w 4 the Jacobian J K attains the values
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$my_array[1] = 1; $my_array[ orange ] = 2; $my_array[3] = 3;
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You can directly manipulate solids and meshes (discussed later in this chapter) in several ways that don t involve executing a command. These methods are grip-editing, selecting sub-objects (faces, edges, and vertices), and using the move, rotate, and scale tools (called gizmos).
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New dimensions that you create using the dimension style that you selected now include the override properties. To stop using the override, open the Dimension Style Manager, right-click the style override to open the shortcut menu, and do one of the following: n Choose Delete to delete the override. n Choose Save to Current Style to incorporate the override properties into the current dimension style. n Choose Rename to create a new dimension style from the override. You see a selection box around the name. Type a new dimension style name and press Enter. This action removes the override and replaces it with the new dimension style. Removing the override doesn t change dimensions that you ve already created with the override.
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If you don t rely on Dreamweaver s capability to publish dependent files, make sure that you publish all the associated files or your video will not be visible to your site visitors. n
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3 Using your Spacebar and /Ctrl keys, zoom in close on the area containing her eyes, cheek, hair, and lips.
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Part IV
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Understanding the Layers Concept
CSS Extensions Attributes
slides automatically advance and others do not. However, there may be situations in which you need to assign different timings and effects to the various slides transitions. n
Adding Image and Background Acreage (continued)
N Areal density: A disk s areal density is an indicator of its storage capacity.
The Window Sizes list at the top of the Status Bar category shows the current options for the Window Size pop-up menu. This list is completely user-editable and enables you to add new window sizes, modify existing dimensions, add descriptions, or delete rarely used measurements. As discussed in 2, the Window Size pop-up is a Dreamweaver feature that enables you to instantly change your screen size so that you can view and build your page under different monitor conditions. To change any of the current dimensions, simply click the measurement you want to alter and enter a new value. You can also change any description of the existing widths and heights by clicking in the Description column and entering your text. Although you can enter as much text as you like, it s not practical to enter more than about 15 to 20 characters.
variance of a signal yi (k) is usually estimated by taking the moving average (MA) as yi (k) = 2 2 (1 0 ) yi (k 1) + 0 yi (k). 2
1 1 il im , Rp,ij,lm = 2 il jm mi + 1 i j
where the right-hand side is expressed as the sum of two quadratic terms. It follows that exp{--L[ 2
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If your worksheet uses any tables with extensive amounts of data, you may want to select the Automatic Except for Data Tables option. Large data tables calculate notoriously slowly. n
Storage Devices
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