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When you select a portion of an image, the Histogram palette displays intensity levels and statistics for only the selected area.
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Converting Documents to PDF
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6. To practice moving around the table, click the rightmost arrow at the bottom of the Data View window (to the left of the horizontal scroll bar) to move to the last record. Use the vertical scroll bar to scroll through the database and get an idea of its contents. Click any cell. Click a row header to select an entire row. Click a column header to select an entire column. 7. To sort the records by description and help you to find all the angles, right-click the DESCRIPTION column header and choose Sort. In the Sort dialog box, choose DESCRIPTION from the Sort By drop-down list, and then click Ascending (if it s not already selected). Because there are a number of duplicate records in the DESCRIPTION column, choose PART_NO in the Then By drop-down list, which should also be sorted in ascending order. Click OK. AutoCAD sorts the data by description, and then by part number. 8. Say that you want to find part number 9003-242-001. Right-click the top cell in the PART_NO column. Choose Find. In the Find dialog box, type 9003-242-001 and choose Down in the Direction section. Click Find Next. AutoCAD highlights the cell containing that part number. 9. Close the Find dialog box and save your drawing. Keep it open for the next exercise.
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9: Taming Your Digital Photo Files qr reader sample
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Part I: The Motherboard and Its Components
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Georgia, and Ohio. Steen confessed and admitted she was involved in mail theft, identity theft, and check fraud. She told quite a story. Originally from Missouri, she had moved to Georgia six months earlier and met Williams. In January 2004, Steen and Williams traveled to Atlanta for the purpose of cashing checks with fake identities that they acquired through mail theft. Steen explained that they obtained the mail by placing mail stops in collection boxes to get banking and personal information from bills and payments victims had sent through the U.S. mail. Steen and Williams would then use the phony identifications to negotiate checks. Steen described a mail stop or mail slide as a piece of metal that was placed in a Postal Service collection box to intercept mail deposited by postal customers. The device trapped incoming mail so it could not drop to the bottom of the box. The thieves would later retrieve the mail and the mail stop. Steen stated that two weeks earlier, she joined Williams and Parker on a road trip to Indiana to make money by stealing mail from collection boxes. When they arrived in Indiana, they again used mail stops to steal outgoing mail. They used the motel room as a base of operations. The counterfeit checks and phony IDs were created and printed using a laptop belonging to Williams. Williams, Steen, and Parker were charged with theft of mail on April 11, 2004, in United States District Court, Northern District of Indiana. This was far from the end of the case. Inspector Shaw had also been investigating checks stolen from the mail in La Porte, Indiana, during January 2004 that were subsequently altered and negotiated. The inspector had not been able to identify any suspects in those mail thefts. A break came after the arrests of Williams, Steen, and Parker. With information provided by the FBI, a suspect was identified and interviewed on April 17, 2004. Mandi Ann Gordon admitted to forging signatures on these checks and then negotiating them. Gordon identified Ryan Williams as her partner in crime and stated that he had been the one who stole the mail containing these checks in La Porte, Indiana, and gave them to her to cash. Gordon stated that Williams had washed the checks to remove the inked writing so that she could rewrite it with different information. She would then forge the account holders signatures on the fronts of the checks and the endorsements on the backs. Inspector Shaw obtained an arrest warrant for Gordon and she was prosecuted. We now need to step back in time a few years to see how we got to this point. Postal Inspectors in Ohio had arrested Williams for identity and mail theft in 2000. Williams s partner in crime at the time was Carl Langdon. Both men were convicted for their offenses. Williams received two years in prison and Langdon received four years, as he had an extensive record of arrests and convictions. After serving their time, Williams headed for Georgia and Langdon for Indiana. After the arrests of Parker, Steen, Williams, and Gordon, Inspector Shaw informed Inspector Richard Petry (who was assigned to the Indianapolis office of the Postal Inspection Service) of the arrests and advised him that Langdon was in Indianapolis, probably up to no good. Inspector Petry then started on Langdon s trail. Postal Inspectors knew that Langdon was a career criminal and worked with Williams but could not connect him with the crimes of Williams, Steen, Parker, and Gordon. Actually, Langdon had learned something from his prior crimes and jail time. He kept a low profile and now let others in his crew do his dirty work. He no longer handled stolen
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Click the text in a template text box to select both the text box and the example text.
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scheme that locates data on a hard disk drive by its cylinder, head, and sector. The cylinder refers to the track, the head indicates the platter surface, and the sector is within the track. For example, a data file could have the addressing of cylinder 27, head 4, and sector 33, which pinpoints the data at track 27 on the top side of the third platter (the first platter is accessed by head 0) and sector 33 on the track. See Organizing data on a disk drive earlier in this chapter for information on cylinders, tracks, and sectors.
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After you apply a layer effect, Photoshop stamps the layer with a florin symbol (f), accompanied by a small x, as shown in Figure 15.20. Clicking a triangular toggle switch lets you expand and collapse the displayed list of applied effects to permit more room for layers in the palette. If the
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3. Select the percentage columns by clicking on a Revenue column and then pressing the up or down arrow key to select the Percentage column. 4. Move the Percentage column to a secondary axis by right-clicking on the Percentage columns and choosing Format Data Series. In the Format Data Series dialog box, in Series Options, select Secondary Axis and then OK. At this point, the chart may look confusing. It should look like a stacked column chart with two axis. 5. Change the Percentage segment into a line with markers. Right-click on the Percentage column segment and choose Change Series Chart Type. Select the line with markers and choose OK. Your chart should now look like a Pareto chart without the 80% horizontal line. To add the 80% line, copy F7:F16 and paste it into the chart. Your chart will now appear almost like the Pareto chart in Figure 24.14. All that remains is a little formatting. Pareto charts depend upon the data being sorted in descending order. If you are doing a query from an external data source through MS Query or from a SQL generated file you can request that the data be returned in descending sort order. If you are retrieving unsorted data from an internal Excel worksheet, then use the autosorting formulas techniques described in the section Sorting Lists by Formula in 18, Working with Lists and Tables of Data.
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