Deleting a Custom Color Theme in .NET

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dedicated to one or two speci c applications). It is the ability to operate particular resources (such as computers, networks, and so forth) largely independent of the physical infrastructure upon which they are deployed. This can be a tremendous boon for operations. For example, the initial con guration of the operating system for a server, along with the applications to run on that server can take hours, if not days. With virtualization that initial work is done once and the results put on the shelf, to be deployed onto physical hardware when needed. This process, sometimes referred to as hydration, can be done in as little as a few seconds to minutes and repeated as often as needed, thereby enabling the possibility of easily deploying basic software to large numbers of computers.  Application Architectures. Beginning with the development of object-oriented languages and tools in the 1980s and 1990s, and continuing on through the beginning of web services and service-oriented architectures during this decade, software architectures have made many strides toward the eternal goal of software reusability, itself driven by the desire to make it easier to construct software. A key characteristic of typical cloud applications has been the ne-grained components, with an exposed application programming interface (API) or interface (i.e., the ability to make use of that portion of an application from nearly anywhere on the Internet any place that makes sense, and probably even a few places that are just for show!). This ability to mix and match relatively independent software services is crucial in making software more useful. For many, this has been the practical realization of service-oriented architectures (SOA), an interesting topic that we will explore in more detail later the book. (A more detailed discussion of the relationship between SOA and Cloud, and industry adoption trends for both, is explored in detail in 5.) In addition, there have been signi cant advances in creating more resilient, self-organizing application platforms that are inherently at home on top of the very uid, commoditized infrastructure typical in cloud computing. Finally, the need to become more adept at parallelization in order to effectively use multi-core processors is beginning to have an impact.
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