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Implementation Quick Response Code in .NET Part I: Building Your Presentation

Figure 22-10: Photoshop s Character palette enables you to pick the font, size, tracking, and so on for your text.
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The sample chart shown in Figure 23-25 contains these elements:
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Select the Brush tool and begin painting the center ower with black paint to hide the effect of the adjustment layer. It should only take a few moments to make the photo look like Figure 9.16.
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Sri(x) - x&(x) = cxi - exi+l i=o i=o
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2: Understanding the Photoshop Workspace
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I2van der Schaft & Maschke, Rep. Math. Phys. 34 (1994) 225. l 3 See Section 2.8 of Marsden, Lectures oti Mechanics (Cambridge, 1992).
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FIGURE 25-17
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Creating parallel ripples and waves
Figure 8-6: Soft boxes, which fit over your entire light, come in all sizes, up to those large enough to light an airplane. (Photo courtesy of Bogen Imaging)
FIGURE 21.3 Comparison of the tracking performance of LMS, LMF, and LMMN for a mixed Gaussiaduniform noise distribution. The figure plots the ratio (21.48) as a function of 6 and cr, .
A2 sinwdl), where CI = 'woo and
EMSE = p2a:Tr(R,Ce,se)
Creating a Security Envelope
Flash media (.swf) is a very versatile format for creating animated, and sometimes interactive, demos and games. Other names for this format include Shockwave or Macromedia Flash. (Macromedia was the company that developed Flash; they were acquired by Adobe.) Flash media is commonly used in education because of its interactivity. Not only can a Flash clip show movement through a process, but it can accept mouse clicks from a viewer. So, for example, after illustrating a process, the clip can offer a multiple-choice quiz for review, with the viewer clicking on the answers. Flash is unique in PowerPoint in that it is not embedded in the le like other video formats; by default it is linked. PowerPoint does not offer a full set of controls for a Flash clip; you can t trim it, for example, and you can t set it to fade in or out. However, you can place a Flash clip on a slide, resize it, and control many appearance aspects of it, such as frame color.
To add a behavior to an element in your Web page, follow these steps:
is ns = 2 m f L = 2'+l = 8 inFigure8.25,where nf = 4 and ng = 4, thenumber of feedback states is n f = 2" = 2, while the number of subset channel states associated with the n f = 2" = 2 feedbackstatesis nLj = 2 and nLj = 2. We denotethefeedback states s f j , where j = 1 , 2 as s f , l = [-l] and sf.' = [+l].Assuming that the feedback symbols are correct, all the combinations of the transmitted binary symbols Ik, Ik-1 and I k - 2 as well as the noiseless channel outputs i j k , 'ijk-1, the noiseless channel output states and rLj and the feedback states s f , 3are listed in Table 8.1 I . Again, Figure 8.25 shows the noiseless channel output states observed by an equaliser having a feedforward order of m = 2 and decision delay of T = 1. Figure 8.26(a) and Figure 8.26(b) show the noiseless channel output states of the RBF DFE using the parameters given above, when the feedback 1 state s f , 3is equivalent to - 1 and + 1, respectively, as stated in Table 8.1 . Following the spirit of Figure 8.3 in partitioning the decision space, at this stage we have to decide, what the transmitted bit I k - 2 was. This decision can be carried out by evaluating Equation 8.105 and identifying the symbol Ti, i = 1,. . . , M associated with the highest probability. Note that the numberof channel states required, in order to estimate the transmitted symbol Ik-7 is now reduced from ns = z m f L to n s , j = n,/nf = 2m+L/2n = 2mfL-n If we invoke the feedback state s f , j in order to assist in the RBF subset selection. Explicitly, in the example given above the number of channel states is reduced from 8 to 4, given the information of the feedback symbols. The computational complexity reduction factor owing to decision feedback is actually higher than n f , since a DFE typically requires a reduced feedforward order m with respect to that, which is required without decision feedback. This is justified by the following arguments. Increasing the number of feedforward taps m extends the dimensionality of the observation space. This is necessary, in order to be able to increase the Euclidean distance between the RBF centres and thus to decrease the probability of mis-classification. It is apparent that the minimum distance amongst the constellation
along with its transformed version (8.24):
Podcasting Production
If a drawing is to be plotted at many different scale factors, create different dimension styles for each different size. You can insert drawings at the fractions noted in Chart 2 onto the title block and plot at a scale of 1:1, but this allows for no changes in text or dimensions.
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