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Present a plot of the numerical solution U h that is optically identical with the unknown exact solution. Hint: Refne the meshes and observe the shape of U h . Stop when utL does not change anymore .
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In the dialog box, you can manipulate the following options: n Use Printer s Default Screen: Select this option to accept the default size, angle, and shape settings built into your printer s ROM. All other options in the Halftone Screen dialog box automatically become dimmed to show that they are no longer in force. n Ink: If the current image is in color, you can select the specific ink you want to adjust from the Ink pop-up menu. When you work with a grayscale image, no pop-up menu is available. n Frequency: Type a new value in this option box to change the number of halftone cells that print per linear inch. A higher value translates to a larger quantity of smaller cells; a smaller value creates fewer, larger cells. Frequency is traditionally measured in lpi, or lines per inch (as in lines of halftone cells), but you can change the measurement to lines per centimeter by selecting Lines/cm from the pop-up menu to the right of the option box.
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FIGURE 12.5 This image is already looking better than the original image on the right. Please note: Levels has been applied to the original image here so it s easier to compare the repair work on the two images.
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7 Drag the Highlight slider to the left until the slider is directly under the first bump in the image data.
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When attributes are added to objects, they can be nlade universally invisible by setting the Invisible mode in the ATIDEF command, or you can make them invisible later using the ATIDISP command.
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Interactivity is one element you ll want to add to documents designed for presentations. To add interactive buttons and fields, open the More Tools window by selecting More Tools from a context menu and check the Advanced Editing toolbar. To create interactive buttons you ll want the Forms tools (Acrobat Professional only). Check the box for the Forms toolbar. For access to all the navigation tools, scroll down to the Page Navigation toolbar and check all the boxes for the Navigation tools and check the Page Navigation toolbar. Click OK and the toolbars open as floating toolbars When using the Advanced Editing tools or the Forms tools, you ll find the Properties Bar a valuable asset. To open the toolbar, open a context menu from the Toolbar Well and select Properties Bar. After opening the toolbars, open a context menu on the Toolbar Well and select Dock Toolbars.
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OUTPUT: cat, 3; rabbit, 6; dog, 3;
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z - ~ ~ k = 0,,I , . . . ,2B - I W
2(p - m v ) ( p- mu):~ ( 1 t3) - 3~ - ( p - m u ) ( p- m u ) dP 3pk~T 2m 3 { p -- mu)(p - mu) - tcT d3P, -Jf3pk~ 3pkB T
To gang tracks together so that changes you make to one affect one or more of the others, right-click (Windows) or Option+click (Mac OS) the Fade control and choose a gang option. For example, right-click the Fade control for Track 1 and choose Gang 1 from the menu, and then right-click the fade handle for another track and choose Gang 1 to gang the two tracks together.
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1116" = 1'-0" Mechanical 3/4" = 1" 112" = 1" 114" = 1"
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