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To convert a static Designer form in Acrobat, select Document Extract Pages.
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Figure 1-6: The blue barrel-style CMOS battery.
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gains exceeding $2 billion, the company was able to magically report a net profit for the year of $389 million. Eastman Kodak lost tens of millions in 2001. But by including its projected $100-million-plus profit from its pension fund, the losses were magically transformed into a $76 million profit. Another company that lost tens of millions in 2001 was TRW. But by adding in a $100-million-plus projected gain in its pension fund, it transformed the huge loss into a $68 million profit. Honeywell International s loss of $99 million in 2001 would have been several times greater. But the company counted the projected pension fund gain of hundreds of millions on the corporate bottom line. And there were many more.
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STEPS: Creating a JavaScript batch sequence
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Drawing in Two Dimensions
We refer to 5as the regularized projection (or simply projection) of y onto the range space of H . Recall from Sec. 29.5 that, when H has full column rank, the actual projection matrix onto R(H) defined by is
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The Accessibility Wizard deals with hearing impairment by adding sounds and subtitles the same way television does. In the first step of the wizard after you choose this option, you configure SoundSentry, the XP feature that displays a visual notification whenever the computer makes an event sound. The visual notification comes in the form of a rather off-putting flash. It s off-putting because it s so fast and abrupt; you might think, understandably, that your computer is slightly malfunctioning. But, it s certainly better than nothing.
Figure 19.15: When you consider that these two charts are designed to convey a trend, it becomes obvious that the default Excel chart has far too much clutter when compared to the Sparkline on the right.
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1. Choose File Import Folder. 2. Open the s folder on the CD-ROM that comes with this book. Select the 1 folder and then click OK. You should now see the 1 folder in the Projects window. To view all the files, double-click on the 1 folder. Figure 1-3 shows the Project palette with items needed to create the Welcome to America clip. Here is a list of the files needed to create the Welcome to America clip: A scanned image of the Statue of Liberty that was manipulated in Photoshop. A scanned picture of clouds.
Problem X.9 (Relation between RLS and lattice filters) The purpose of this problem is to establish a relation between lattice filters and the standard RLS solution (40.12).It turns out that there is a relation between the weight vector W M , and the backward prediction vectors {w)jb,,} of ~ . starting from the initial condition increasing orders j = 0,1,.. , M - 1. Iterate recursion (40.67) W O , ~ 0 and up to j = M - 1, to establish that =
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