3: Creating and Saving Presentation Files in .NET

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This Information Evolution Model was derived from analysis of companies of all sizes across a broad range of industries. That being the case, one might reasonably ask, If this model represents natural processes and scenarios that are common and typical in the business world,
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1. Open a presentation in PowerPoint. 2. Open the Print dialog box. Choose File Print in PowerPoint. In the Print dialog box, select the item you want to print. In this example, I chose Notes Pages, as shown in Figure 28.6.
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any one place; if we are to assign blame, there is enough to go around. The Six Sigma structure (see 4) for identifying and xing problems is effective because it begins with no assumptions; it is designed to study the problem and trace it through from beginning to end. As a result, the solution makes sense because it xes all the defects, not just the ones that are most visible. In the example, the problems extended over several departments and involved sales reps, marketing, shipping and receiving, inventory control, and accounting. The entire cycle contributed to the problem. In spite of the tendency to see defects as being relatively simple to x, this demonstrates the opposite: The promise to ship goods within three days of the sale was not a dif cult idea on the surface of it; but as we have discovered, the entire system fell apart and the chain of defects was more than just a problem in one department. In fact, we discovered upon analysis that the problems were far more complex and farreaching than they appeared at rst. The analysis of this speci c case and the solution are provided as a detailed example in 6.
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vi(x)l~~ (piv0 x&:)(x) if Kk E S ( i ) is a quadrilateral, = u , ( x ) / K , = ( c p y ~ o xki.)(x) if Kk E S ( i ) is a triangle.
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where (k) = y(k) p=1 bp y(k p), y(k) = wT x1 (k), 1 is a penalty factor and c is suitably chosen positive constant (typically c = 1). The minimization the cost function according to the standard gradient descent method leads to learning rule for vector w as w(l) = = where w(l + 1) w(l) = (l) J(w) w (k)x1 (k) (l) y(k) r2 (k )x1 (k)
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To explain these points in detail, we now return to the example of polyethylene melts for which we have already defined a Hamiltonian for the Monte Car10 simulations of Section 8.2.3. If we consider a melt of increasingly longer polymer molecules, there occurs a crossover from unentangled to entangled behavior. The Rouse model becomes inappropriate and we should switch to the reptation model of Section 4.3.2, for which the configurational distribution function f(u, for the orientation along a a) smoothed chain ( primitive path ) is the proper structural variable. If f n ( u ,a; ) is z the atomistic expression for f(u, evaluated in a homogeneous system of volume 0) V, the arguments of Section 8.4.2 can be adapted from conformation tensors to the reptation model, and we obtain the following analogue of the expression (8.100):
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Something new in Photoshop CS4 is the ability to ick the image by quickly clicking and dragging one side of it with the Hand tool and then releasing the mouse button. When you do this the image moves by itself until it slowly comes to a stop. You can stop the ick motion by pressing the Spacebar. Note that the ability to ick-pan is dependent on OpenGL.
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Flash to Dreamweaver
Water is vital to life. The ocean exerts a cooling effect on the earth s temperature. Oceans, lakes and other water bodies provide the habitat for aquatic life as well as the source of freshwater for humans and land-based animals. Construction materials and the construction process account for a signi cant percentage of global freshwater use. The use, occupation and operation of buildings and structures require water for cleaning, cooking, drinking and washing. Thus, degradation in water quality can have profound effects on all life forms as well as on the construction industry itself. Spillage of pollutants and hazardous substances emitted from construction and property enterprise affects freshwater availability and use and the conservation of aquatic life. This could also lead to growth in waterborne diseases. The excessive emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere to which the construction and property sector makes signi cant contributions affect ocean salinity and acidi cation, sea levels, precipitation patterns, extreme weather events and possibly the ocean s circulatory regime (UNEP, 2007). Having gained some basic insights of the ways that construction and property enterprises affect the environment, it is now opportune to look at how the environment may be managed as a stakeholder using the available stakeholder management tools.
n Text Color. If you identify a color for text by selecting the swatch adjacent to Text Color, the field contents supplied by the end user change to the selected color. n Font. From the pull-down menu, select a font for the field data. All the fonts installed in your system are accessible from the pull-down menu. When designing forms for screen displays, try to use sans serif fonts for better screen views.
aA -- 2 ( p - m u )
In terms of popularity, Helvetica is the de facto sans serif standard. It s a font you see everywhere, from signage to brochures and television, and it even has its own fan sites on the Web! Many designers, if left to their own devices, would use nothing but Helvetica, which probably explains why you see it around so much. Other fonts approximate Helvetica for example, Arial and Swiss and indeed they are somewhat interchangeable, as you can see from the examples in Figure 4.37. (The top example is Helvetica.) Sans serif typefaces are often used as headlines or when sheer clarity is most important. Again, this is a technique you can use freely in your own work no one was ever fired for using Helvetica as a headline font. They re also great when you want text to be read on-screen; Verdana is the classic on-screen sans serif font. While serif forms are great in print where the flourishes draw the eye across the page, they tend to lose definition when viewed on a low-resolution monitor, so use a sans serif font in this environment to maximize legibility.
For information related to using the many options available in the Pages panel, see 16.
Four is a given number to be divided by odd integers. Each division in the series may be accomplished in parallel. All that remains is a simple accumulation of the remaining terms beginning from the left, spitting out digits verbally as you go, as savants have done. Parallel processing that calculates pi might be available within the savant brain. Beyond arithmetic, a great many geometric skills are enhanced using parallel processing. For example, if a large graph (coordinates in space, many of which are connected with lines) is given, one may nd closed circuits or Hamiltonian cycles using parallel processing. The shortest Hamiltonian cycle is a solution to the famous salesman s problem. In this problem, a salesman must plan a trip to visit a large number of cities exactly once for each city, and then return home, while going the fewest possible number of miles. Exact solutions to problems like this are considered dif cult because of the large number of possible circuits, but the analysis can be simpli ed using massively parallel processing, as shown later in the book.
The major difference between <div> and <span> is that the <div> is a block-level element and the <span> is inline. When you are positioning relatively (the elements are in the normal flow of the document), a <div> always causes the next element to appear on a new line. Block-level elements, such as <h1> and <p>, always create a new line unless the display property is set to inline using CSS. The reverse is true of <span> tags. The <span> tag is an inline element and displays just like an image or link, without altering the text around it. Generally, <div> tags are used for block-level elements that require positioning, and <span> tags are more commonly used to apply inline formatting over positioning. If you re trying to manipulate AP elements via JavaScript, note that Netscape 4 does not allow scripting of <span> tags. For this reason alone, if you want to keep Netscape support, it is advisable to use <div> tags over <span> tags for positioned elements.
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CrossReference In addition to the looping constructs in this chapter, PHP provides functions for iterating over the contents of arrays, which are covered in 9.
Set up optional triggers that make the clip play when you click something other than the clip.
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