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(y, W) = log(| det(WET )|)
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Exploring Advanced AutoLISP Topics
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The Timeline palette is an alternate view of the Animation palette. It provides all the tools you need for controlling the order and content of your video frames and layers.
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Where to Begin with Cloud Computing
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More generally, for the sub-Gaussian signals, the choice of q = 1/2 produces the class of Godard or constant modulus algorithms (CMA) (5.14) with the adaptive nonlinear activation function [945, 721, 276, 275, 38, 405] 1 [y1 ] where p = E{| 1 (k)|2p } s = const E{| 1 (k)|p } s (5.24) = (|y1 |p p ) y1 |y1 |p 2 , (5.23)
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The final drawing scale oflinetypes is discussed in 11. Don't waste too much time trying to work out what linetype scale you need, just keep entering numbers in increments of 10, .1,10,100,1000, -10, until it looks OK.
Figure 19-15 shows an example.
FIGURE 18.18 The Histogram palette s Expanded View (on the right) gives you an impressive amount of information about the intensity levels of your pixels. All Channels view Compact view
you care for two or more computers on a regular basis. Several models are available with a gooseneck brush head that allows you to clean the keyboards and inside the system case easily. The danger of using a standard type of vacuum inside the PC is that some generate a lot of static electricity, and their cleaning nozzles are large and can easily damage the electronics on the motherboard and expansion cards.
22: Networking the PC
FIGURE 14.21 Surface Blur is one of Photoshop s newer filters. It s located at the bottom of the Blur submenu. When the dialog box opens, you use the two sliders to adjust the amount of blur while preserving edge detail.
FIGURE 10.16
Figure P2.42
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Part I
Because of space constraints, we only can summarize the basic ideas of the Lebesgue integration theory in the next paragraph. For a systematic introduction we refer the reader to [28, 981 and [99].
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