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For ill-conditioned problems (when a mixing matrix is ill-conditioned and/or source signals have di erent amplitude), we can apply optional preprocessing (prewhitening) to the sensor signals x in the form of x1 = Qx, where Q IRn m is the decorrelation matrix ensuring that the correlation matrix Rx1 x1 = E{x1 xT } = In is the identity matrix (see s 4 and 8 for more detail and robust 1 algorithms with respect to noise). To model the temporal structures of source signals, we consider a linear neural network cascaded with an adaptive lter with transfer function B1 (z) (which estimates one of Aj (z)) as illustrated on Fig. 5.5, where the input-output relations of the network and the lter are described, respectively, as follows:
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Calculate the power absorbed by each element in the network of Fig. I. IB. Also verify that Tellegen 's theorem is satisfied by thi s network.
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Connecting to external A/V devices
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USB devices can be connected to external USB hubs, which can be daisy-chained together to the point of 127 devices on a single USB bus. This means that 127 devices can share one bus but also one set of system resources as well. Figure 23-9 shows a USB port and connector.
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1.2.2 3: Data Structures
The Reduce File Size dialog box offers a pull-down menu with options for selecting Acrobat compatibility. The default is Retain existing, which means that the original PDF compatibility will not be changed when the file is reduced in size. If your PDF documents are to be viewed by Acrobat users of version 4 or later, choose the Acrobat 4 and later compatibility. If all users are using Acrobat 6 through 8 viewers, use Acrobat 6, 7, or 8 compatibility, respectively. You might use Acrobat 4 compatibility for printing purposes because all the transparency will be flattened in Acrobat 4 compatible files.
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We evaluate defects to improve overall performance, knowing that eliminating them completely is unrealistic. We know that trying to achieve Six Sigma would be impractical on a consistent basis; so while it is a desirable goal, it presents a model against which we can measure our performance. So rather than setting the unrealistic goal of achieving perfection, we can observe (1) our current Sigma level and (2) improvement in that level as changes are made. Table 1.1 presents an abbreviated summary of Sigma level, defects per million, and yield, or success rate of the outcomes. You can identify your level of Sigma performance and then compare it to the chart. This is where the bene-
We have been in areas of the world where people think that anyone who takes their picture is stealing their soul. In some ways, we agree. Not about the theft of souls, but when we look at strangers through our lenses, we see much more deeply than they may want anyone to look. Their uncertainties and fears, joy and pleasure, confusion and assurance . . . photographers can see what strangers may not even want to acknowledge to themselves. That s why, when people indicate that they don t want their picture taken, we put down our cameras. However, we try to avoid reaching that point. It probably helps that we actually tend to like people, even strangers. Smiles go a long way, especially if you are smiling at something that the stranger takes pride in, such as a pet, a garden, or a child. Being pleasant and asking questions without being intrusive. Often, when we are photographing things, people will come up to us and ask us what we are doing, and that leads to a convivial conversation that naturally evolves into our taking their pictures. (See Figure 7-7.) We have found that kids are usually easier to meet than adults in strange areas outside the United States. Street urchins can be sticky fingered, but if you hire or temporarily adopt one, he/she may protect you from the rest, while helping you meet and get to know the community. As Philippe Tarbouriech, the French photographer (, said to us, A kid is like a laissez-passer, a master key, for meeting people. When he travels with his own children, he finds that strangers are drawn to them and, no doubt, feel less threatened by him and his camera.
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Bill Fries is hard to classify. Despite its name, his Thornburg Value fund sits in Morningstar s large-cap blend fund category. As I said in 4, Bill Fries is one of my favorite managers a top-notch freestyler. How does Bill de ne his style He doesn t object to the blend category. But more speci cally, Bill is looking for something he calls comprehensive value rather than classical value. He borrows from the value investor s approach by mostly purchasing stocks selling at low price-to-
Difference produces quite an odd effect, but it s a handy way to compare two images to see if they re identical. Put one image in one layer and the second image in a layer above the first. Apply the Difference mode to the top image, and, if the two images are identical, you ll see black. Any discrepancies between the two images appear as colored pixels.
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Packaged versions of presentations do not include comments, revisions, or ink annotations. If you want a version that includes these items, then you need to manually copy the les to the CD or DVD.
Creating Composites
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