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N 460GX (Merced): This chipset, which is designed for very high-end
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Fine-Tuning Selections
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Transformations of images are greatly simpli ed if the system operator is separable in Cartesian coordinates. A separable downsampling operator may operate on an image f with a left operator Hl for vertical downsampling and a right operator Hr for horizontal downsampling. As an example, Fig. 8.6(a) shows a particular image consisting of a 256 256-pixel array. We model measured data from this image as g Hl f H0r n (8:29)
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cases, however, it makes sense, for example, for overall database consistency, to consider the columns that would otherwise be foreign keys as being logical foreign keys. A logical foreign key is a column (or a set of columns) in a table
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With the Dreamweaver Library feature, you can easily add and modify objects on an entire Web site.
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Example The Customer Service Department for a credit
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