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1. If you saved the last exercise, open the file Rug.psd; if not, open Rug.obj. 2. In the Layers palette, select Layer 1. 3. Click the Layer Styles button (fx) at the bottom of the Layers palette. 4. From the Layer Styles menu, choose Pattern Overlay. This opens the Layer Style dialog box. 5. Click the down arrow next to the pattern thumbnail to open the pattern selector. Select the metal landscape (see Figure 5.7).
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24: Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks, and Bridge Integration
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When they re on the road, they travel with a Marantz PMD660 portable Flash recorder. This records directly into MP3 format, which can be dragged and dropped directly into their audio editing software. On the software side, they record their audio directly into GarageBand. Drew handles most of the technical duties, although Dawn does the video editing. When they do video podcasts, they use a sharp Viewcam Z VL-Z1 and a Kodak DX4530 digital camera that has video capabilities. All video editing is done using iMovie. When it comes to editing, there is very little to be done. As Dawn says, We leave in 99.9 percent of the warts. There may be a time or two when we ve had to bleep out someone s name or something like that. Most of the post-production is adding the ads, inserting audio comments (The Dawn and Drew show has an audience call-in number where you can leave messages), and adding songs to the end of the program. The Dawn and Drew show is somewhat unique among podcasts, because they re part of the Podshow network slot on the Sirius Satellite network. Podshow has a four-hour block, to which Dawn and Drew contribute their show. Luckily, this doesn t affect their production chain too much, because all they have to do is upload a 128 Kbps MP3 file to their contact at Sirius, and Sirius takes care of editing all the Podshow content into a four-hour block.
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Above, service level management inside a domain has been discussed. The SLA in this mode of use is an interface between the customer and the service provider. In the general case, however, this is not enough, as there may be one or more intermediate transport or service providers between the end user and the actual service provider. Next, we shall discuss what is needed to provide service management end-to-end. The conceptual gure is shown in Figure 6.5, consisting of an access network as well as zero or more transport domains in between them. Each domain is assumed to be managed independently, and to apply traf c engineering methods as necessary. An access network domain can perform per- ow operations, such as policing, conditioning and admission control. In between the domains, at least aggregate properties are of signi cance. For best effort networks, one aggregate may be enough,
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Creating Animations Using the Animation Palette
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Command Line Interpreter Commands
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When printing your photos, you want the photo file to be the size of the output. In other words, it should be the optimum resolution for the printer, as well as the physical dimensions of the intended print. (See Figure 12-2.) The optimum resolution depends on the particular printer you are using, typically ranging from 200 to 400 dpi. Most devices do quite well at 300dpi. We use the image size dialog in photo-editing software to resample our photos to smaller file sizes. But we try never to use it for interpolating them into larger pictures because, as we demonstrated in the zoomed photos in Figure 12-1, it can result in poor image quality. We have found one exception to this rule. If you must enlarge a photo, we have been generally pleased with the results we have achieved with a piece of software called Genuine Fractals ( It works well, as long as we don t try to push the picture too far. A number of years ago, Genuine Fractals was used to create an enormous Times Square billboard from a photo taken with a 3-megapixel camera, but then, it was displayed far above, where no one was looking too closely at the image quality.
Bacteriophage Family(ies)b Siphoviridae Podoviridae morphotype C1 Podoviridae morphotype C1 Podoviridae morphotype C1 Myoviridae morphotype A1, A2 Myoviridae morphotype A1, A2 Siphoviridae morphotype B1, Inoviridae, Myoviridae morphotype A1, A2 Siphoviridae morphotype B1, Inoviridae, Myoviridae morphotype A1, A2 Myoviridae morphotype A1, A2 Myoviridae morphotypes A1, A2 Podoviridae morphotype C1 Podoviridae morphotype C1 Podoviridae morphotype C1 Siphoviridae morphotype B1, B2 Myoviridae morphotypes A1, A2
Sometimes your company will receive allegations and be in charge of initiating an internal investigation. At other times, the rst you learn of an issue may be when the government comes knocking at your door. How a company responds to an external investigation can be as important as the underlying issue being investigated. Mishandling a government investigation can cause more problems than the original issue, says Barry Goldsmith, partner and co-chair of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP s Securities Enforcement Practice Group, and a member of that rm s Securities Litigation Practice Group and White Collar Defense and Investigations Practice Group. It is critical to have a logical and effective response plan if not in place already, at least prepared quickly after notice is received, says Goldsmith, a former executive vice president for enforcement at the National Association of Securities Dealers and the chief litigation counsel for the SEC. Ideally, the response plan would include an analysis of the documents requested by the government. Sometimes you can
We commence our discourse highlighting the pattern-classification problem. Consider by a surface that separates the spacethe noisy channel outputs Figure 8.3 into regions or of of two XI, classes. Let X denote a set of N patterns or points x2,. . . , XN,each of which is assigned of to one of two classes, namely X + and X - . This dichotomy or binary partition the points with respect to a surface becomes successful,if the surface separates the points belonging to the class X + from those in the class X - . Thus, to solve the pattern-classification problem, we need to provide this separating surface that gives the decision boundary, as shown in Figure 8.14. We will now non-linearly cast the problemof separating the channel outputs into higha dimensional spaceby introducing a vector constitutedby a set of real-valued functionspi (x),
PC1 PC2 PC3 PC4 PC5 0.3968662 -0.3427335 0.045274128 -0.11577301-0.1014911 0.3268217 0.4252042 -0.227591982 -0.04400534-0.4643040 0.3529773 -0.3315296 0.220014539 -0.68278920-0.1961602 0.3587514 0.3994852 0.056188780 0.20883497 -0.4117217 0.3451026 -0.3829043-0.002812392 0.34181970 0.1086482 0.2689269 0.3702944 0.767368075 0.05003566 0.4041360 0.4139825 -0.2422977-0.152091419 0.50035210 0.1225839 0.3458183 0.2996549 -0.531596742-0.32426921 0.6131645 PC6 PC7 PC8 he -0.002695473 -0.835631212 0.03147343 she 0.125548208 0.055106112 0.65136565 him -0.141524948 0.431439804 -0.07898856 her 0.014680992 0.004098073 -0.70369931 his 0.733970927 0.258364837 0.01302934 hers -0.005662007-0.031545737 0.18668159 himself -0.649088162 0.210372857 0.12580665 herself 0.062647567 -0.022856816-0.14984397 > summary(prcomp(Poe8pn,scale.=T)) Importance of components: PC1 PC2 PC3 PC4 PC5 Standard deviation 1.912 1.613 0.7345 0.6299 0.593 Proportion of Variance 0.457 0.325 0.0674 0.0496 0.044 Cumulative Proportion 0.457 0.782 0.8497 0.8992 0.943 PC6 PC7 PC8 Standard deviation 0.4763 0.3940 0.26769 Proportion of Variance 0.0284 0.0194 0.00896 Cumulative Proportion 0.9716 0.9910 1.00000
Height and width in inches Height and width as a percentage of original size
Substituting (6.3) with (6.5) into (6.6) and denoting b(z) = E ( x ) I ( z ) ,we obtain the Euler-Bernoulli beam model
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Controlling Your Camera from within Windows . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 168 Editing and Altering Photographs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 172 Printing and Publishing Your Pictures . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 174
n You can annotate in paper space, in which case you create the annotations at their desired plotting size, without scaling them. This method is fairly easy, but it doesn t allow control over drawing objects such as blocks, attributes, and hatches. Before these methods were available, for each object, you needed to create a separate layer for each scale, calculate the appropriate size for each object, and freeze layers in the viewports where you didn t want certain objects to appear. For example, if you wanted one text object to appear at 1:1 in one viewport and another text object to appear at 1:4 in another viewport, you created them at the appropriate size on different layers. Then you froze one layer in one viewport and the other layer in the other viewport. As you can imagine, this was a complicated process.
RLC series transient response
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