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Figure 23-8: A custom menu bar replaces the standard Worksheet Menu Bar.
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generate, create barcode digital none in excel spreadsheets projects Line Build-Out (LBO). In many instances the rst (and last) load coil cannot be placed at a D/ 2 distance from a switch or the separation between load coils cannot be D within tolerance. The reasons for the inability of an installation crew to meet the siting requirements are varied. Buildings could be in the way; the right-of-way requires a detour; hostile cable ground conditions exist; and so forth. In these cases, we install the load coil at a distance less than D/ 2 and use LBO (line build out). Line build-out networks are used to increase the electrical length of a wire-pair cable section. These networks range in complexity from a simple capacitor, which simulates the capacitance of the missing cable length, to arti cial cable sections. Network complexity increases as the frequency range over which the network has to operate increases. There is no comparable simple means to shorten the electrical length of a cable section. LBO can also be used for impedance matching (Ref. 7). 5.5.3
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spectrum. All theories of personality disorder address interpersonal functioning, and interpersonal theory can serve as an integrative framework via consideration of the interpersonal situation.
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Macromedia Flash MX offers a number of ways to use sounds. You can make sounds that play continuously, independent of the Timeline, or you can synchronize animation to a sound track. You can add sounds to buttons to make them more interactive, and make sounds fade in and out for a more polished sound track. There are two types of sounds in Flash: event sounds and stream sounds. An event sound must download completely before it begins playing, and it continues playing until explicitly stopped. Stream sounds begin playing as soon as enough data for the first few frames has been downloaded; stream sounds are synchronized to the Timeline for playing on a Web site. You select compression options to control the quality and size of sounds in exported movies. You can select compression options for individual sounds using the Sound Properties dialog box, or define settings for all sounds in the movie in the Publish Settings dialog box. You can use sounds in shared libraries, to link a sound from one library to multiple movies. See Using shared library assets on page 165. You can also use the ActionScript onSoundComplete event to trigger an event based on the completion of a sound. See About the onSoundComplete event on page 114.
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The first step in creating any ActionScript is to open the Actions panel. The default position of the Actions panel is directly below the Stage. You open the panel by clicking the right pointing arrow or by clicking the panel s title. If, as a designer, you decided to use the Designer panel layout as supplied by Macromedia, you can do so by choosing Window Panel Sets and then choosing the set for your desktop size. However, when you use one of the Designer panel sets, the Actions panel is hidden. Choose Window Actions, and Flash opens the panel, displaying it as a floating window (see Figure 2-5). Why the Flash programmers decided to hide the Actions panel for designers is a mystery. Perhaps they realize what a powerful combination a creative designer and the Actions panel is and decided to protect their left-brained developer brethren by hiding the panel.
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tested as computer models. In this way, the reaction-time data con rms Herbart s contention that theories of psychology should be dynamic and can be mathematical.
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Purchase software with address data, and then create a call to the data to check the address. Or, if merchants want to check this manually, they can go to the USPS site to check the address as well.
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