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Essential Windows CE Application Programming by Robert Burdick Wiley Computer Publishing, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ISBN: 0471327476 Pub Date: 03/01/99
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FIGURE 17-2: Sample poll results page
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d2 2 d1 from the L1 GLONASS signal; d3 2 d2 from the L2 GPS signal; d4 2 d3 from the L2 GLONASS signal; d1 2 d4 from the L1 GPS signal.
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This property is not well supported.
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352 Applications of Modern Geographical Positioning Systems
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The regression equation is Rating = 41.7 - 10.9 sugars z + 3.67 shelf 2 + 6.97 fiber potass Predictor Constant sugars z shelf 2 fiber potass Coef 41.6642 -10.9149 3.672 6.9722 SE Coef T P VIF 0.9149 45.54 0.000 0.8149 -13.39 0.000 1.2 1.929 1.90 0.061 1.3 0.8230 8.47 0.000 1.1
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nodes synchronize to their parent in the tree by means of round-trip synchronization. The synchronization frequency is calculated from the requested precision, from the depth of the spanning tree, and from the drift bound rmax. The on-demand version also assumes the existence of one or more master nodes. When a node needs synchronization, it sends a request to one of the masters using any routing algorithm (this is not further speci ed). Then, along the reverse path of the request message, nodes synchronize using round-trip measurements. The synchronization frequency is calculated as in the proactive version just described. In order to reduce synchronization overhead, each node may ask its neighbors for pending synchronization requests. If there are any such requests, the node synchronizes with the neighbor, rather than executing a multihop synchronization with a reference node. The overhead of the algorithms was examined in simulations with 500 nodes uniformly placed in a 120-m 120-m area, a target precision of 0.5 s, and a duration of 10 h. The centralized algorithm performed an average of 36 pairwise synchronizations per node. The distributed algorithm executed 4 5 synchronizations per node on average, if 65% of all nodes request synchronization. 7.5.5 Timing-Sync Protocol for Sensor Networks
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You can define range names for the two ranges (for example, Categories and Data), and then edit the SERIES formula so it uses the range names instead of the range references. The edited formula would be:
c# data matrix library
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Foundations and Fundamentals
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The noise variance s can be estimated by 2 ^ s2
Creating UserForm Templates
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