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To copy a library asset by dragging:
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Intertidal sh face an obvious problem when the tide falls. Their intertidal habitat becomes dry land and is therefore no longer available to them. Some species retreat with the tide and return when it rises. Others such as the shanny (Lipophrys pholis) take refuge in a rock pool to avoid becoming stranded on dry land. Not surprisingly shannies are most active when the tide is in, and if they are removed to constant laboratory conditions their activity cycle can be preserved for a number of days, although as the days progress the rhythm does dampen and lose precision. The peaks of their swimming activity tend to coincide with the expected high tide and the cycle has a mean periodicity of 12.4 hours. These sh clearly demonstrate an endogenous circatidal rhythm (Fig. 3.3). After prolonged exposure to constant conditions the sh become arrythmic, but if the sh are replaced on the shore and exposed to just a few tidal cycles their rhythm will be restored. Moreover the restored rhythm will be in phase with the tidal cycle of the shore that they are returned to, even if this is not their shore of origin (Plate 3.2). Replacing the sh on the shore exposes them to a whole range of potential stimuli that could have the clock-setting role. So in order to pinpoint the zeitgeber involved arrythmic sh have been exposed to a variety of individual environmental components. Cycles of feeding, temperature change, current, and water chemistry, all of which are commonly associated with tidal change, do not result in the restoration of the rhythm. But two factors do seem to be important. The rhythm returned when the sh were caged on the seabed, but not when
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9 The Wonderful World of Plugins
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What if you decide to make the throttle a little less harsh For example, what if a user has managed to calm herself down and wants to comment on another entry The user is no longer in the original context where she attempted to leave a flame comment, and the jerk filter will catch it if she tries to leave another one, so you should give people the benefit of the doubt.
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After a control is placed in a dialog box, you can move and resize it using standard mouse techniques.
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comes the problem of uneven air distribution, since each item is subjected to the same velocity/time pro le. Some meat products are frozen on racks of trays (2 m high), while pulled or pushed through a freezing tunnel by mechanical means. For larger operations, it is more satisfactory to feed meat on a continuous belt through linear tunnels or spiral freezers. In the past decade, the use of impingement technology to increase the surface heat transfer in freezing systems has received attention (Newman 2001; Sundsten et al. 2001; Everington 2001). Impingement is the process of directing a jet or jets of uid at a solid surface to effect a change. The very high velocity (20 30 m s 1) impingement gas jets break up the static surface boundary layer of gas that surrounds a meat product. The resulting medium around the product is more turbulent, and the heat exchange through this zone becomes much more effective. Impingement freezing is best suited for products with high surface-area-to-weight ratios (i.e., hamburger patties or products with one small dimension). Testing has shown that products with a thickness less than 20 mm freeze most effectively in an impingement heat transfer environment. When freezing products thicker than 20 mm, the bene ts of impingement freezing can still be achieved; however, the surface heat transfer coef cients later in the freezing process should be reduced to balance the overall process ef ciency. The process is also very attractive for products that require very rapid surface freezing and chilling.
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One of the other possible uses of network stego is to hide information on systems so that Internet access and usage can be tracked. Many e-commerce stores track your online patterns to make note of your buying habits and sell you more products. Today this tracking is typically done through URL embedding, hidden fields, or cookies. HTTP is stateless, so you have to add state to an application to perform e-commerce functions. Because an attacker can see state information that is being passed when you are online, this information could be used to identify your session ID. If stego was used to track state, because it is hidden, the attacker would not be able to see where the state information is stored. This would make it that much harder for him or her to perform an attack. Online tracking today is being used by the dark side of our populace to track what people do and where they go. A perfect example of this is online stacking. If I can track your behavior and see all of the sites you go to, I can follow you around the cyberworld and mimic your behavior. Cyberstalking usually leads to more serious crimes, such as identity theft.
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The SGIdle function is the system routine that provides the time when frames are grabbed from the camera. When an application has a sequence grabber to get frames from a camera, the application should call SGIdle often enough to get frames that display the desired video quality. This function sets up a timer to call SGIdle 10 times per second.
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Bluetooth is a radio protocol for transmitting digital information. It sits in the 2.4 GHz spectrum along with many other protocols and devices like 802.11b/g (Wi-Fi), cordless phones, X10 video cameras, wireless mice and keyboards, and microwave ovens. The 2.4 GHz spectrum is one of the few places on the airwaves where one can broadcast without needing an FCC license. The 2.4 GHz band is part of the ISM (industrial, scientific, medical) set of bands that are free to use by anybody. And that makes it a crowded place to live for a wireless protocol. Having so many technologies existing in close physical proximity using the same band can cause interference. Bluetooth attempts to avoid interference through frequency hopping spread spectrum. This is a technique whereby instead of transmitting on a single channel, it transmits a little, hops to another frequency, transmits a little more, hops again, and so on. By hopping very fast (many times a second), the chances of hitting interference go down since not all frequencies are equally noisy.
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