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Users of wireless sensor network applications are typically interested in continuous streams of information [17] that represent the evolving status of the area under observation as time progresses [57]. Query processing systems such as TinyDB [58], Directed Diffusion [7,8], and Cougar [59] provide users of wireless sensor network applications with a high-level interface for performing queries. This relieves the user from writing complex code to gather information from the sensor network. Part of the ongoing research into sensor database systems includes distributed query processing [60] and storage mechanisms [48] in sensor networks. The need for scalable self-organized data retrieval and in-network processing is clear. A uni ed query processing/networking system involves an additional challenge to designers of wireless sensor networks. Different applications have varying requirements in terms of information transfer rates, latency, coverage, and storage. The trade-off between optimizing the network topology and performing ef cient query processing is an issue that needs to be resolved.
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1. IEEE P802.15.4/D18, Draft standard: Low rate wireless personal area networks, IEEE, New York, Feb. 2003. 2. ZigBee Speci cation, version 1.0, ZigBee Alliance, San Ramon, CA, June 2005. 3. J. Zheng and M. J. Lee, Will IEEE 802.15.4 make ubiquitous networking a reality : A discussion on a potential low power, low bit rate standard, IEEE Commun. Mag. 42(6), 140 146 (2004). 4. J. H. Schiller, Mobile Communications, Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, 2000. 5. J. Zheng and M. J. Lee, A comprehensive performance study of IEEE 802.15.4, Sensor Network Operations, Wiley Interscience, Hoboken, NJ, 2006, 4, pp. 218 237.
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Figure 12.29 Two-site queries.
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Windows CE Timers
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Grab a pen and paper and jot down the version number and release date for your wireless card s drivers.
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Range(A1:A100).Value = _ Application.WorksheetFunction.Transpose(MyArray)
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Abdulrazzak et al. 1989; de Vries and Simmers 2002). Figure 2.4 illustrates the concept, and the way in which quanti cation of the entire ood volume passing two successive gaging stations can be used to calculate the magnitude of recharge in a given channel reach. In many mountainous arid regions, channels descending from highland areas carry very high loads of coarse sediment, which they promptly deposit in the form of alluvial fans where they cross the break in slope at the foot of the mountain chain. As they traverse these alluvial fans the stream channels commonly split into numerous distributaries, each of which tends to lose its ow by leakage into the interior of the alluvial sediment pile. This form of indirect recharge by channel leakage is sometimes referred to as mountain front recharge. Because this occurs
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In multiemitter structures, temperature differences in the heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) devices can lead to emitter collapse at high temperatures and collector-to-emitter voltages. This thermal instability is initiated by having more than one emitter, where the emitter structures have different emitter temperatures. The temperature differential can be reduced in multiemitter structures with the introduction of a thermal shunt element. A thermal shunt can be a shunt that is electrically insulating, but must be thermally conductive. For example, ceramic and electrically insulating materials can serve as a thermal shunt. Craft [47] proposed the use of insulating thermal shunts using thermally conductive ceramics. Thermal shunts, also referred to as thermal lenses, are used to reduce the temperature differential between the emitter regions. Given a rst and second emitter, in the case of no thermal coupling between the two emitters, the temperature can be expressed as T1 T0 1 P1 RTH 1 T2 T0 2 P2 RTH 2 that can be expressed as the temperature at location and the product of the power in the transistor and the thermal resistance. In the case of thermal coupling between the rst and second element, we can express this in tensor form and as a local temperature and the matrix term associated with the thermal resistance matrix and power product, Ti T0 i RTH ij Pj or, T1 T2 ! ! RTH 11 T0 1 RTH 21 T0 2 RTH 12 RTH 22 ! P1 P2 !
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