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The history of research into psychosocial antecedents of sport injuries reaches back 35 years (see T. H. Holmes, 1970). In the more than 3 decades of research into predictors of athletic injury, myriad articles have appeared in the literature, ranging from early psychodynamic formulations of injury (Sanderson, 1977, 1978) to the now more established models currently guiding the field (e.g., Williams & Andersen, 1998). There is little doubt about the significance of psychosocial variables (e.g., stress, social support, coping) influences on injury risk and injury outcome. Since the last edition of this Handbook, relatively few studies have been conducted on the psychosocial antecedents of sport injury, probably due, in part, to how well those variables have been established in the literature. Another factor for the limited recent research may be that doing such studies has procedural and logistic difficulties (e.g., large numbers needed, record keeping). The long-term goal of injury antecedent research was to develop interventions aimed at modifying the identified psychosocial risk factors (e.g., reducing stress, increasing coping) to decrease injury occurrence and improve the quality of life and sporting experiences of athletes. Currently, intervention research is the cutting edge of sport injury inquiry and perhaps the most exciting aspect of this evolving field of sport science. Limited research into prevention has been conducted so far, but what we have holds substantial promise. We review the current injury prediction and prevention research as well as summarize the findings from earlier research. But first, some background on sport injuries is needed. PREVALENCE OF INJURIES In the arena of sport, Booth (1987) reported that there are more than 17 million sport injuries per year; in the most
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Notice that this InputBox function is written in a Do Until loop to ensure that something is entered when the input box appears. If the user clicks Cancel or doesn t enter any text, UserName contains an empty string and the input box reappears. The procedure then attempts to extract the first name by searching for the first space character (using the InStr function), and then using the Left function to extract all characters before the first space. If a space character is not found, the entire name is used as entered. As I mentioned, the InputBox function always returns a string. If the string returned by the InputBox function looks like a number, you can convert it to a value using VBA s Val function. Or, you can use Excel s InputBox method, described next.
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Treatment Issues
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KeepDynamic.com/pdf417 Bit Rate and Synchronization Network Connection Characteristics. The network delivers (except as noted in the following) a signal synchronized from a clock having a minimum accuracy of 1 10 11 (stratum 1; see Section 6.12 for strata de nitions). When synchronization by a stratum 1 clock has been interrupted, the signal delivered by the network to the interface should have a minimum accuracy of 4.6 10 6 (stratum 3). DS1 Interface. The ISDN interface for the 1.544 Mbps rate is the standard line interface described in 6. Note that time slot 24 is assigned to the D-channel when the D-channel is present (thus 23B + D).
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It severs a symbol instance s link to its master symbol. It discards all but the current frame in an animated symbol. It converts a bitmap to a fill. It places each character into a separate text block when applied to text blocks. It converts characters to outlines when applied to a single text character. See Breaking text apart on page 144.
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