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Change Handler is the name of the function that you want to execute when the user selects one of the radio buttons in a group. This function must be defined in the same Timeline as the radio button instances in the group. This parameter is optional and needs to be specified only if you want an action to take place as soon as the user selects a radio button. For more information, see Writing change handler functions for components on page 304 and the FRadioButton.setChangeHandler entry in the ActionScript Dictionary in the Help menu. Data is the data associated with the radio button label. There is no default setting for this parameter. Group Name
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Converts a data store object to bytes for storage in REPL.DAT. Converts an array of bytes from REPL.DAT into the corresponding data store object. Frees the specified data store object. Copies the specified data store object. Determines if the specified object handles are valid. Invokes the synchronization options dialog box. Retrieves information to be used about a data type in the conflict resolution dialog box and the ActiveSync status window. Retrieves information to be displayed in the conflict resolution dialog box about two conflicting objects. Removes duplicate objects from the data store. Table 14.2 IObjReplHandler Methods PURPOSE Called by the service manager to prepare the service provider to receive a data packet. Frees resources used during serialization or de-serialization. Converts data store objects into data packets. Converts data packets into data store objects. Deletes a data store object.
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Psychologist conducting a psychotherapy session.
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When you want to create a custom cursor, you use the Mouse object. The most common methods of the Mouse object are Show and Hide. When you create a custom cursor, you use the hide method of the Mouse object. After you hide the mouse, you can make it visible at any time by choosing the show method of the Mouse object. When you hide or show the Mouse object, you usually assign the action to a keyframe, although you can use the action in conjunction with a button click when beginning a game. When you hide the mouse, make sure you use the startDrag action to attach a movie clip in place of the mouse as outlined in the upcoming section; otherwise, your viewers will have no idea of where their cursor is unless, of course, that s the effect you re after. To hide the mouse: 1. Select the keyframe or object where you want to create the ActionScript to hide the mouse. 2. Click the arrow to the left of the word Actions to open the Actions panel. 3. Choose Objects Movie Mouse Methods and then double-click hide.
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The WL-HDD is a pretty useful device by itself. Instead of tying it to Roomba power, you could instead make a battery pack and then you could stick the WL-HDD up to whatever you wanted. Imagine making your own network access point and file server at a caf without needing any wires at all. Instead of using the +16V supply from Roomba, you can create a supply using just enough batteries to make a voltage regulator work. The 7805 needs at least 6V in order to regulate down to 5V. The nominal voltage across AA cells is between 1.2 and 1.5V. Six cells makes 7.29V, so that s about optimal. Any more and you d just be causing the 7805 to work harder regulating a higher voltage down. Figure 14-10 shows a battery pack circuit for the WL-HDD. SparkFun sells some 2700 mAh NiMH AA cells for $2 apiece. This is an amazing amount of capacity in an AA battery. Normal NiCd rechargable AA cells only put out at most 1000 mAh, so this is about a three-times improvement in capacity. SparkFun also sells a good but inexpensive charger for the batteries.
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To create a new keyboard shortcut set:
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Part III More Complex Interfacing
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End With TopPos = TopPos + 15 Next i Add the Cancel button Set NewCommandButton1 = TempForm.Designer.Controls. _ Add( forms.CommandButton.1 ) With NewCommandButton1 .Caption = Cancel .Height = 18 .Width = 44 .Left = MaxWidth + 12 .Top = 6 End With Add the OK button Set NewCommandButton2 = TempForm.Designer.Controls. _ Add( forms.CommandButton.1 ) With NewCommandButton2 .Caption = OK .Height = 18 .Width = 44 .Left = MaxWidth + 12 .Top = 28 End With Add event-hander subs for the CommandButtons Code = Code = Code & Sub CommandButton1_Click() & vbCrLf Code = Code & GETOPTION_RET_VAL=False & vbCrLf Code = Code & Unload Me & vbCrLf Code = Code & End Sub & vbCrLf Code = Code & Sub CommandButton2_Click() & vbCrLf Code = Code & Dim ctl & vbCrLf Code = Code & GETOPTION_RET_VAL = False & vbCrLf Code = Code & For Each ctl In Me.Controls & vbCrLf Code = Code & If TypeName(ctl) = OptionButton _ Then & vbCrLf Code = Code & If ctl Then GETOPTION_RET_VAL = _ ctl.Tag & vbCrLf Code = Code & End If & vbCrLf Code = Code & Next ctl & vbCrLf Code = Code & Unload Me & vbCrLf Code = Code & End Sub With TempForm.CodeModule .InsertLines .CountOfLines + 1, Code End With Adjust the form With TempForm .Properties( Caption ) = Title .Properties( Width ) = NewCommandButton1.Left + _
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