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Sending Stego Files across a Network
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Reagents and Materials Sterile Sodium pentobarbital (Nembutal) MM (See Section 2.4.1) IM (See Section 2.4.2) Trypsin, 0.25% (See Section 2.4.5) Collagenase, 0.2% (See Section 2.4.7) DNase (See Section 2.4.9) Tris buffer, 20 mM (See Section 2.4.8) Erlenmeyer ask, 125 ml Sterile beaker, 250 ml Scissors Nonsterile Rats, 16 19 day old, 10 Ethanol, 70% Protocol Isolation (a) Sacri ce ten 16 19 day old rats with overdose of sodium pentobarbital (Nembutal). (b) For each rat, wet scrotum with 70% ethanol. (c) Remove testes and place in sterile MM in sterile tissue culture dish. Transport to sterile hood. (d) Rest of protocol performed observing sterile technique. (e) Remove tunica albugenea from each testis with scissors and place testicular parenchyma in clean MM. (f ) Mince parenchyma with scissors. (g) Place minced tissue in 125-ml Erlenmeyer ask in 30 ml MM. Wash 3 with MM by resuspending and settling. (h) Replace MM with 30 ml 0.25% trypsin solution and incubate at 37 C in shaking water bath for 15 min. (i) Add DNase (0.5 ml stock solution) 5.0 min before end of trypsin digestion incubation.
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Application.Workbooks( Book1.xls )
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Figure 5-15
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Content delivery to mobiles relies on wireless radio techniques, and these place additional requirements on any mobile multicast system. The following sections describe the aspects of wireless multicast which are common to both IP datacast and MBMS systems, including issues which are generally applicable to any wireless multicast system. Mobility and Movement of Users The mobility of users creates two more needs: untethered access to the network services and consistent service as users are moving. The rst need is inherently solved by wireless data communications, but also forces user devices to be batterypowered under normal use. Thus electrical power consumption (both peak and average) must be carefully considered and minimized where feasible. This affects both the physical design of the equipment and the protocol design. The ability to sleep, or shut down certain software and hardware functions to reduce power consumption for short and longer periods of time, must be factored in. Also, the ability to receive passively on one interface without maintaining an uplink channel is important. Consistent service as users are moving implies robust reception as a user moves in the coverage area of its current access point and handover between wireless access points. Also graceful degradation of service quality is desirable if the quality of
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There is also the command-line Java program RTTTLPlay.java that functions very similarly to Listing 8-4.
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The results of the preceding example can be seen in Figures 33-3 and 33-4. The same example is shown in both Netscape and Internet Explorer so you can see that both browsers render the same thing slightly differently. Specifically, Internet Explorer seems not to respect the padding property. Netscape graduates the text around the image.
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Differences Between HTML and XHTML
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