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includes control of and accountability for cash receipts, cash disbursements, and the many other assets an organization has to conduct operations. In a small, owner-operated business, such as an independent restaurant or small motel, very few internal controls are required because the control is carried out by the owner who is often always present and who handles all the cash coming in and the payments going out. In larger establishments, one-person control is not feasible. In fact, in larger organizations it is necessary to organize operations into various departments and to draw up a plan of the organization, or an organization chart. Indeed, the organization chart itself is the foundation of a good internal control system. It establishes lines of communication and levels of authority and responsibility. Organization charts for various types and sizes of hospitality establishments are illustrated in Exhibits 5.1 through Exhibit 5.5. In large establishments, as the organization charts show, lines of authority, responsibility, and communication become more complex. Therefore, the internal control system in a large establishment will also be more complex.
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Clicking the Finish button kicks off all the excitement. The Click event-handler procedure for this button performs the following actions:
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Part I Some Essential Background
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Working with UserForms
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This is an effective way to verify data a consumer is providing a merchant. In general, the credit report can validate the phone number, address, name, and credit card information provided. Merchants can also use it to verify age. Keep in mind:
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[e.g., subscriber, business-to-business (B2B) partner]. The management of impacts of charging events against a prepaid account balance is generally seen as within the charging domain (however, the recharging or topping up of the prepaid balance is not considered within the charging scope). From the description above, charging can be understood to be closely related to accounting. Charging is often seen to be the equivalent in the telecom(munication) world to accounting in the Internet sphere. The scope of accounting can however be seen to be wider than that of charging, as it also deals with the collection of usage data for nonbilling purposes (usage analysis and audit, etc.). But for the purposes of this chapter, we can assume that charging and accounting are synonymous.
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Theoretical Models, Topics, and Issues
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Figure 25-9 shows how these values appear in the Registry, from the perspective of the Windows Registry Editor program.
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