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Our discussion of the HTML viewer control is motivated by the sample application HTML.EXE. This application, which can be found in \Samples\html on the companion CD, illustrates many of the features provided by the HTML viewer control. HTML.EXE implements a basic HTML file viewer. It allows a user to view any HTML file on the file system of a Windows CE device (or the emulation file system if run in the emulator). Two simple HTML files, sample.htm and wince.htm, are provided. These files must be placed in the device or emulator file system under the \Windows directory. See the section on Viewing the Windows CE Object Store in the introduction to Part II for a description of how to transfer files using the Remote Object Viewer.
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Open a back door into your computer that allows it to be controlled by a criminal (this is known as turning your computer into a zombie ) Allow a criminal to use your computer to send spam or download illegal materials onto your hard drive (such as child pornography) Allow a criminal to use your computer to attack Web sites and temporarily knock them off the Internet Install a keystroke logging program that allows a criminal to see everything you type on your keyboard (including passwords and credit card numbers) Send copies of itself to all of the e-mail addresses listed in your address book or stored in your computer Slow down the Internet, making it dif cult to do common tasks such as sending e-mail, doing online banking, and shopping at e-merchants
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Foundations and Fundamentals
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a simulation model for producing sensor measurements in a smart space. Another research direction is to use multi-agent simulation. An example of this approach is the generic event simulator [98], which creates context-dependent events that can be used to test, for example, the functionality of a middleware. The third research direction is to combine virtual reality simulation with the simulation of physical sensors. For example, QuakeSim [18,19] uses a multiplayer 3D game (Quake III Arena) as a simulation tool. The game has been modi ed so that each player is equipped with a virtual GPS that provides the position and altitude of users within the simulated environment. An extension of QuakeSim is the UbiWISE [5,6] simulator, which allows the users also to interact with simulated devices in the virtual reality environment. TATUS [85] uses a 3D game engine for simulation. One recent and comprehensive approach is the UbiREAL simulator [80]. In UbiREAL, the simulation designer can create a smart space using 3D modelling tools. Within this environment, the designer can place various objects such as sensors, switches and communication devices. Once the environment has been generated, the designer can create an avatar or a virtual actor and de ne the way the avatar interacts with the devices in the environment. The simulated context variables are based on physical formulas and thus the simulator is capable of providing only environmental context information. As an additional feature, the UbiREAL simulator has support for simulating various ad-hoc and wireless communication protocols and technologies.
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Sales Revenue and Costs
in this chapter
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When you work with toolbars, you can turn on the macro recorder to see what s happening in terms of VBA code. Most (but not all) of the steps you take while customizing toolbars generate VBA code. By examining this code, you can discover how the object model for toolbars is put together. The object model actually is fairly simple and straightforward.
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