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21.6 QUORUM-BASED STRATEGIES Quorum-based approaches for information dissemination are based on replicating information at multiple nodes acting as repositories. The choice of repositories and the query
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INTERPRETING THE LOGISTIC REGRESSION COEFFICIENT FOR A CONTINUOUS PREDICTOR For a constant c, the quantity cb1 represents the estimated change in the log odds ratio, for an increase of c units in the predictor.
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Steganography Source Code
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*Repackaging/High Care area *Post pasteurization Weighing and labeling Packaging Storage end product Distribution
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that An important problem in psychology today is the legal status of the psychologist and his relationship to the courts. . . . The use of the expert witness is a fairly modern innovation in the eld of legal evidence (McCary, 1956, p. 8). McCary supported moves toward the certi cation or licensing of psychologists, noting that As long as any quack can call himself a psychologist there is going to be resistance to granting the mantle of the expert witness to psychologists as a class (p. 12). The caution with which many courts regarded psychologists at the time may be illustrated by a 1955 decision of the Texas Court of Criminal of Appeals in Watson v. State. The judge wrote, A psychiatrist is certainly best quali ed to pass upon a question of mental illness. However, we have consistently accepted the testimony of medical doctors as experts. We think that also of those quali ed to give an opinion, superior to that of a layman, would be a practicing psychologist (p. 879). In addition to clinical psychologists making individual clinical judgments, social psychologists in this period began to appear as experts in cases involving pretrial publicity and civil rights (Greenberg, 1956; Loh, 1981). The involvement of psychologists in the legal system had been only sporadic until the 1960s, when the social-political activism of the times, with its emphasis on social relevance, encouraged many psychologists to focus their research efforts on the legal system. Interest in conducting legally relevant research accelerated in the early 1970s, when it grew at an even greater pace; indeed, in 1981 Loh (1981, p. 327) asserted that since 1974, there have been more psychologists doing more empirical research on law-related matters that in all the preceding years combined. The rate of law-related empirical research has not slowed in the ensuing decades. During this period, the scope of empirical inquiry expanded beyond the traditional areas of eyewitness testimony and evidence rules to encompass several elds relevant to procedural justice. Loh (1981) posited that there were four major areas: the effect of pretrial in uences on the jury (e.g., pretrial publicity and pretrial identi cations), selection of the jury, presentation of testimony and of the law to the jury (e.g., judicial instructions), and decision making by the jury. Pre-1955 Psychological Writings about Psychology and Law By about 1930, nearly 50 articles relating to forensic psychology (broadly de ned) had appeared in American professional journals; about one-third were written by German psychologists. A survey of these legal psychology articles by Slesinger and Pilpel (1929) found that the psychology of testimony (11 articles) and the detection of deception (10 articles)
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Hacking Carefully
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Roles and Responsibilities
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This option is best for systems displaying thousands or millions of colors; it creates the most accurate color for the image but results in a file size larger than a GIF created with the Web 216 palette. To reduce the size of a GIF with an adaptive palette, use the Max Colors option in step 10 to decrease the number of colors in the palette.
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