Exercise Adherence in .NET

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Figure P.1.3
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NA, not available; Y, yes; N, no; sps, symbols per second.
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Table 26.7
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not as good as 6 or more months of training; and (c) exercise durations less than 30 minutes had no significant effect on cognitive functioning, whereas durations of more than 30 minutes did increase cognitive functioning. Colcombe and Kramer (2003) also found that the ESs were essentially the same for clinical and normal populations. The clinical samples consisted of depressed persons, geriatric mental patients, and patients with cardiopulmonary obstructive disorders. These findings are consistent with observational longitudinal studies that focused on dementia and Alzheimer s disease (AD). In a narrative review of nine studies that were embedded in large longitudinal, population-based studies on aging (sample sizes ranging from 469 to 4,615), Fratiglioni et al. (2004) found that participation in physical activity earlier in life was associated with less dementia and AD in six of nine studies. Some of these studies, though, have been criticized for having relatively short follow-up times (3 to 7 years). More recent epidemiological evidence with a follow-up time of 21 years showed that physical activity at least twice a week at midlife was related to a reduced risk of dementia and AD (Rovio et al., 2005). There are also differential exercise effects for different kinds of cognitive tasks. Among older subjects, Colcombe and Kramer (2003) found that exercise produced larger cognitive gains for tasks that were categorized as involving executive processes. These tasks involved planning, inhibition, and scheduling of mental procedures. In essence, subjects who were exercise-trained showed improvement on all types of cognitive tasks (speed, visuospatial, controlled processing, and executive control processing), but the ES for executive control processes (0.68) was significantly greater than ESs for the other types of cognitive tasks (ESrange= 0.27 to 0.46). Time in Physical Education, Physical Fitness, and Academic Performance Nearly all states in the United States have increased classroom time for core academic subjects by taking time away from noncore subjects like physical education (PE). This trend has resulted in only 50% of schools requiring PE programs in grades 1 to 5, 25% requiring it in grade 8, and only 5% requiring it in grade 12 (Sibley & Etnier, 2003). Ironically, in three out of four large-scale longitudinal studies (see Sibley & Etnier, 2003), academic performance was found to improve as PE class time was increased. In none of the studies was greater time spent in PE related to a decline in academic test performance. In their metaanalysis of 44 studies of children and adolescents (ages 4 to
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Now that you have a working PHP page to control Roomba, you can run it anywhere you can find a working LAMP system. This includes virtually all web hosting services on the Internet. In order to run roombacmd.php from one of them, you ll need to poke a hole in your firewall to allow computers outside your home network to connect. Most home routers have a special configuration page just for such changes. Your home network looks like a single IP address to the rest of the Internet, but that IP address can have many different ports. What your router can do is translate one IP:port pair on the outside part of your network to another IP:port pair on the inside of your network. This is called port mapping or port forwarding and is often used to allow online gaming or P2P file sharing to work, so you may already have some port maps in place. For example, if your external IP address to the Internet (WAN IP address) is and the IP address of your Roomba is, then you d configure your router to map port 10001 from one IP address to the other. This can be written in documentation as --->
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Cloninger s biosocial theory of personality proposes that the trait of harm avoidance is related to behavioral inhibition mediated by serotonergic activity in the brain. Earlier studies showed no correlation between between CSF levels of the serotonin metabolite, 5-HIAA, and N. A more recent study has found a positive correlation between CSF 5-HIAA and N but in a sample of depressed patients (Roy, 1999). Constantino and Murphy s (1996) study of the prediction of infant temperament from CSF levels of 5-HIAA showed no relationships between this metabolite and emotionality, soothability, or activity in infants. Studies of normals using serotonin challenges, drugs that stimulate serotonergic activity, and indirect measures of serotonin response in normals have yielded mixed results including both positive (Gerra et al., 2000; Hansenne & Ansseau, 1999), nonsigni cant (Ruegg et al., 1997), and a negative relationship (Mannuck et al., 1998) with N. The rst three of these studies used the HA scale, whereas the last used the N scale, but with a much larger number of normal subjects than in the other studies. Serotonin seems to be implicated in harm avoidance, but the nature of that relationship is open to question. As with other neurotransmitters, the personalityrelevant aspects of serotonin may have more to do with receptor number and sensitivity than with basal levels of transmitter activity. Hormones Daitzman and Zuckerman (1980) found that testosterone (T) in males correlated negatively with various MMPI indexes of anxiety, depression, and neuroticism; that is, subjects with neurotic tendencies were low on T. Dabbs, Hopper, and Jurkovic (1990) reported a signi cant negative correlation between T and N in one study, but this was not replicated in another larger study of males; and in an even larger study of over 5,000 veterans T was not correlated with any MMPI indexes of trait anxiety or N. In still another study Dabbs et al. report signi cant negative correlations between T and a measure of pessimism in both males and females. T re ects both trait and state characteristics; that is, it is affected by immediate stressful experiences, particularly those involving success or defeat in competitive activities (Dabbs, 2000). The relationship with pessimism may re ect a history of defeat and consequent expectations for future failures. This depressive attitude may underlie negative relationships with N if any such relationships do exist. Cortisol is one of the end products of activation of the hypothalamic-pituitary adrenocortical (HYPAC) system, a stress-reactive hormonal system. Like T, cortisol reactivity has both trait and state characteristics. Elevated cortisol is associated with major depressive disorder as a trait but is
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